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Curry Pot

314/1/A, Kollupitiya Road, Marine Drive, Colombo

A buth kadey down Marine Drive in Colpetty. Quite popular, quite good.




This was a place we are using more than for 3 years for breakfast & lunch almost every Saturday and sometimes during the week too. Excellent SL food with no issue always….Sadly sadly last 3 to 4 weeks we noticed no water in taps and they collected water to a bucket for washing hands by the sink.we thought it was ok while they were repairing the error… but again today reached the place for breakfast as usual and noticed when was in the wash room no water and just came out and asked for help… just to wash hands before my meal… but the replies got from manager who is a male staff was disgusting and utterly unprofessional.We never required five star services from these places obviously… but need to have some sort of basic health practices or general courtesies when you sell food and services. If not they should clearly mention No Water and Washroom is OOO …etc. Mostly was annoyed on their replies and courtesies towards guests whoever eat there , and even for a repeater who continue more than three years with the family…But the female staff were behind the counter were helpless while their supervisor and managers talk nonsense and been unprofessional… you can not only rely on food taste and choices , what about cleanliness and general PR to customers??.I know lots of people take away food and eats there daily… and today I saw people coming from the wash room and touching table and chairs and glasses even without washing their hands with no choice.
Things get out of order, broken whatever but why not immediate solution to get them repaired or an alternative for those issues. when you live in a town several time you get water cuts sometimes which is household and fine. , but how they managed the situations in a restaurant like this is a question??

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314/1/A, Kollupitiya Road, Marine Drive, Colombo


Head towards Colpetty on Marine Drive, and it's a few metres away from the Memon Hall.



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Closed right now


Sri Lankan

Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

Dish Types

Rice And Curry

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