Darley Road Pub & Restaurant

338 T. B. Jayah Mawatha, Colombo 10

The new pub at Excel World that replaces the good old Keg.

Once great source of entertainment and good times, Excel World, has a whole new look now, and the Darley Road Pub is one of the main reasons why. Revamping The Keg, this watering hole by Browns Group is slowly restoring the Excel World to its former glory, and we're all for it. 


We started off our evening with a couple of Cocktails - a Signature WatermelonTini on the house for the lady, as we visited during happy hour (5.00 PM - 7.00 PM). The gentlemen got a bottle of Vat 9 (750ml) for Rs. 3090, all thanks to the 50% off happy hour discount on local liquor.

The WatermelonTini had actual watermelon juice, as opposed to the flavoured syrup, so the fruity kick was quite bold. It pulled off really well with the usual elements of Vodka Martini. I love achcharu, I love local arrack (only when they're in cocktails though), so this is right up my alley. A jar of boozed-up pineapple achcharu, this one is - sweet, sour and spicy. We'd have liked it even better if they could increase the spicy counterpart of it. 


Darley Road Pub & Restaurant offers a wide range of food options - from pub grub, Asian fusion to soups, pasta and bites.  

We absolutely loved their Pepper Pork (Rs. 790). It's a generous portion, with lots and lots of meaty pork and a little to none oily bits, smothered with a good deal of pepper as promised.

The meat itself was soft and juicy with a firm exterior, well-cooked through, and delicious. So delicious that we ended up eating everything on the plate, including crunchy pieces of onions, capsicum and green chillies.

Despite the sharp peppery note, it's not overly spicy, so you won't have to drink jugfuls of water to dial it down. Just have something boozy on the side, and you'll be sorted.

The Roasted Balsamic Chicken (Rs. 1190) arrived with the sides of potato wedges and coleslaw. Glazed with Balsamic vinegar, it was sweet and sour, had a wonderful caramelised layer from the outside, while being juicy as hell from the in. However, we'd have a preferred a little less of the sweet kicks, as it sort of masked up the chicken flavour.

The Seafood Fried Rice (Rs. 890) was a hefty serving of Basmati, gushed with prawns, cuttlefish and white fish, as well as spring onions and carrots, making every bite so rich and flavourful. With the fried egg on top, that's enough rice for two hungry bellies.

Ambience & Service

The vibe at the Darley Pub is relaxing and happening at the same time. There are comfy booths, separated with decorated partitions, and a long bar counter accompanied by friendly bartenders. 

The band Aquarius plays some good music here every Friday, and the dance floor is all yours whenever you feel like it.


A definite recommendation on our part if you're looking for a tippl-y night out with great food and entertainment.