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12, Kirulapone Ave, Colombo 05

A new rice & curry spot in Kirulupone Avenue that whips up a quality meal.

Delicio is a rice & curry spot, fully maintained by a small family and being quite new, seems they are getting things sorted out and testing the waters. 

While it doesn't seem the most elegant from outside, we dropped by them to do the First Look and grab some lunch because of the good things we heard about the food they offer.


They're only one week old, and as of now, their rice & curry spread includes only chicken, fish and eggs in the proteins section, and there's the fried rice set menu, and kottu after 6 pm. We’ve been told that they are excited to offer a bunch of new things to further expand the options in the future.

Firstly, we have Fish Rice & Curry (Rs. 230), which came with four curries and a piece of fish and behold, a heap of rice. For us Sri Lankans who are used to eating a lot, this can be a boon. 

Wrapped in a thick coating of gravy, the fish was prepared well, and gave ambul thiyal vibes with plenty of peppery notes and a bit of sourness from goraka. Our parrippu (dhal) curry added the much-needed moisture and milkiness, and coupled with the tempered potatoes as well as beans, it helped bring out the curry flavour with hints of spiciness.

The wambotu moju was a real winner with all the contrasting sweet and sour notes which all added up to a delightful flavour twist. This made way to a plate of rice & curry with a real homemade feel that we enjoyed very much.

Featuring a mountain of well-cooked basmati rice, the Chicken Fried Rice (Rs. 300) was good too. It carried a mild seasoning with bits of carrots and leeks scattered about.

The huge piece of chicken was quite delicious and soaked in the thick chilli sauce. Well fried and cooked all the way through while being properly marinated brought out a balanced combination of spicy and sweet flavours without drowning out the meaty flavours.

Stir-fried to perfection and lightly seasoned, the chop suey was made with cabbage, carrots and green beans. Their chilli paste tasted quite spicy and not at all artificial. A lot of restaurants tend to use MSG in these kinds of dishes, but the way Delicio managed to pull off these flavours without it was quite impressive. 

Ambience & Service

Their place is quite spacious with clean and neatly laid out tables and chairs, which can hold more than 20 people at a time. While they are getting things in order and is still pretty much-figuring things out, we didn’t see anything to complain here.

We got served our food from the station where all the food are neatly displayed and our service was fast and polite. The mother of the owner is helping out to run things smoothly here, and that gives this a very home-like vibe.

They were quite interested in feedback as well, and seemed very enthusiastic about the whole venture.


Even though they are very new, they are doing quite well with a small crew. We are quite hopeful about the new stuff on their menu, and if you want to grab a good meal with the homemade quality without breaking your bank, this is just the spot. 


12, Kirulapone Ave, Colombo 05



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