12, Kirulapone Ave, Colombo 05

A new rice & curry spot in Kirulupone Avenue that whips up a quality meal.

You're on the lookout for some filling, relishing food, but you're also quite wary about the amount you would want to spend Delicio is an amazing place. Serving your usual array of foods, from rice and curry and fried rice to paratha and kottu, Delicio certainly knows their stuff. 

The Food

The Fish Rice and Curry at just Rs. 200 was quite a large portion, more than enough for one person, and came with an assortment of local curries including a scintillating pathola curry, a paste-like dhal (which was not one of the best, unfortunately), a mukunuenna mallum, crisp papadam and a fried, salted chilli thrown in the fray; curries that are historically known to go together, along with the fish. The fish itself was quite peppery and had that slightly sour taste from the goraka, and almost tasted like an ambul thiyal, but not quite.

The Chicken Fried Rice came in a massive portion at just Rs. 300, easily enough to feed two. Unfortunately, it didn't have as much chicken as we would have expected, but just a few crispy slices, but the rice itself was superb. It was not overly oily or dry, but the perfect balance, and if you're one to go for quantity over quality, this is a definite yes. 

They also had paratha and egg roti, but considering the fact that we grabbed them at 11.00 am, it wasn't as fresh as expected. The paratha, coming at Rs. 25 each, paired with a portion of chicken curry, was quite brilliant though, and we gorged ourselves upon it. Although the paratha was a bit too dry and flaky, a general tinge of not-so-fresh, the Chicken Curry (Rs. 30) did the trick. The chunk of chicken too was quite succulent and tender.

The short eats were not of a large variety, but they were quite huge, and cheap. A giant Egg Samosa came at Rs. 50 and a Vegetable Roti at Rs. 40. 

The Egg Samosa had a zesty filling and the boiled egg in the samosa was quite fresh. The coating too was quite crispy, just how we liked it.

The Vegetable Roti, unlike other veggie rotis that give a mellow flavour, consisted of a spicy filling which we adore, and had plenty of potatoes taking up the space. 

Service and Ambience

The staff at Delicio is really friendly and we loved interacting with them. While I was waiting for the food we spoke about a range of various topics, that ranged from food to politics. 

The ambience too is quite good, and the tables are appropriately spaced, not giving a cramped space.


If you're looking for a quick fix, this is the ideal spot, and we'd definitely recommend. They've got dishes like kottu after six so if it's that you're looking for, dinnertime would be ideal. The staff are quite friendly, and paired with the ambience, it's the perfect place to binge eat on a diet. 


12, Kirulapone Ave, Colombo 05



This place has closed down


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