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Dilan's Crab

Kelaniya (Delivery)

A simple home cook that serves shelled crab - a real pleasure to eat.

Dilan's is a home cook that does crab without the shell. That's right. You can enjoy tasty crab meat without having to fight thru its protective exoskeleton. The product isn't cheap (Rs. 5,000 for a big tub, enough for four greedy people) but we think it's good value for money.

The Food

What you see above is half an order (we split the whole thing with someone else). Aside from the tips of the claws, all the shell is stripped off - it's all meat. It's really a wonderful sensation chewing through nothing but crab meat without fighting for every bite. Flavorwise it's prepared Jaffna style, but not too spicy.

You could say that part of the experience is getting through the shell, but if you just love this taste, this is a great option. It's not cheap at Rs. 5,000 per order, but we had a really satisfying crab meal and thought it was worth it.

The Service/Location

This is a home cook. You need to order at least a day in advance and you need to be able to order in Sinhala. They do deliver. Overall the experience is simple enough, we found.


This simple home cook does a tasty shelled crab. That means all the tasty crab meat, none of the pesky shell. We like.


One day notice required. You need to speak Sinhala to order.


Kelaniya (Delivery)




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Open Call one day in advance

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More than Rs.1500

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