Dilmah t-Lounge

62/2 Block B, Chatham Street, Colombo

Dilmah's charming tea lounge in the shadow of Dutch Hospital is still going strong, with a range of hot and cold teas and little and large bites.

The Dilmah t-Lounge has been around for a couple of years, and has been pretty consistent in terms of food and service throughout. We've reviewed their Chatham Street outlet once before, but given the passage of time since Indi last reviewed it, we revisited the place to see what's changed.

Food and Service

It's exciting to have places dedicated to tea, especially when coffee shops are blooming in every part of Colombo. The t-Lounge offers you a variety of tea shakes, tea mocktails, iced teas, and your regular cuppa tea. We went for the stuff you wouldn't get in your average thé-kadey or at home (unless you prepared it elaborately), and ordered a Cinnamon Ice Cream T-Shake (Rs. 390), a Prince of Kandy Lemonade Tea (Rs. 390), a Minty Oolong (Rs. 550) and a dessert – the Caramel Chocolate (Rs. 100).

(Left to right - the Cinnamon Ice Cream T-Shake, Prince of Kandy Lemonade Tea, Minty Oolong)

The Cinnamon Ice Cream T-Shake was heavenly. Garnished with a stick of cinnamon, this vanilla ice cream shake combined with Dilmah's Cinnamon Spice tea was the bomb. It was milky, creamy, and had a strong hit of cinnamon. It was served quite cold as well, making it the perfect drink for a hot day.

Next on the list was the Prince of Kandy Lemonade Tea. The kahata was strong in this one. I personally thought it would be better if it was a bit less astringent, but then again, that's just me. Sadly, though, the lemon flavour didn't really come through, so that was a bit of a disappointment. To put the taste in perspective, this tasted like a really strong plain tea you'd brew at home.

The Minty Oolong was a happy drink. It was light and bubbly from the grenadine mixed in, with a discernible minty flavour. 

Despite its measly size, the Chocolate Caramel Square was a delightful little dessert. It was crunchy and salty, and tasted quite, quite nice. Our only complaint was the size for the price. This small chunk that was about the size of a milk-toffee cost a hundred bucks.

The service at t-Lounge is on point. The staff are friendly, helpful, and prompt. Combined with good food and ambience, it is a sure formula to success.


This is a pretty chilled-out place. There are a lot of low-slung couches and tables, and a couple of comfy settees towards the end of the room. It's a spacious and cozy space with a quirky interior. There's a wall made of shelves filled with knick-knacks, and another wall/shelf with rectangular slots filled with caddies of tea. It's a great spot to have a quiet read, an evening out with a close group of friends, or simply to get some work done.


If you want a change from the coffee shops and would like to try some awesome varieties of tea, this is the place for you. They've also got a range of snacks, including crepes, waffles, sandwiches, and desserts like brownies, if you want something more substantial.


Check out the outdoor section, the view is amazing.


62/2 Block B, Chatham Street, Colombo


You can walk through Dutch Hospital, out past Taphouse and down the street. From the road, go down York Street past the World Trade Center turn. It's the second road on the left.



Open 11 AM–8 PM. Open till 9 PM on Friday and Saturday.



Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

Dish Types

Sandwiches Tea Iced Tea

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