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No 47 W. A. Silva Mawatha, Wellawatha, Colombo 6

An Indian restaurant down W. A. Silva Mawatha, with quality food and great service. They cater mostly to rich, north Indian dishes ranging from the traditional Murg Makhanis to garlic naan. Dhum biryanis and delicious Raithas.

Dineinn does Indian cuisine well, with a decent price tag.

Food and Service

The starter was a Mushroom Manchurian (Rs.300), a spice coated carnival on its own. The mushrooms were a tad bit soggy with the deep frying and there was so much chilli and colouring that it stained our fingers a bright red (that didnt go off till the next day,no matter how much you washed your hands). It wasn't an ideal starter.

The Murgh Makhani (Rs.450) glistened with a coral hued gravy that had chunks of chicken with a sprucing of corriander. Makhani literally means with butter, the chicken was exactly that. It was moist on the inside and enwrapped in a wonderful robe of spice. A definite must try with a butter naan or a garlic naan. 

The Naan was noticeably larger than the Naan served at other places. For the price of Rs 130 for a garlic Naan and Rs. 120 for a makhani Naan, we thought that was quite a steal. The garlic naan was intensely buttery as well and tender to touch. At the same time it had a good crunch to bite.

Going to an Indian restaurant would be incomplete without a Biryani. We tried a a prawn dhum biryani, Rs 600. The prawns were thrown in generously and the rice was well balanced with the spice. The basmati was well cooked and came with an egg, a small bowl of raitha, a curd infused dip and another bowl of gravy, as a customary compliment to a typical Indian biryani. A single portion of prawn biryani was actually enough for two.

We also tried thier fish Malai Kebab ( Rs.500). It came in eight succulently cooked peices that had a strong hint of salt accompanied by a few rings of onion and a shaving of carrots and cabbage. Not being too much of a fish lover, this dish actually tasted light on the palate.


A distinct note about walking into this place was the fragrance of jasmine emanating from inside, not too sure if they were candles, joss sticks or aroma therapy oils being lit, whatever they were, it was a pleasant touch. Other than that it was an average place that has the usual dine-in-feel. 'Dineinn' is basically a former house converted into a restaurant. Partitioned into rooms, they were in general well lit and clean. 


Comparing the pricing with the quality and the quantity of food, we would say this place gives great value for money, our entire bill for two came with a price tag of Rs 2170 for five dishes. The Murg Makhani deserves a special mention for its wonderful gravy. Each dish was in sync with the other and had strong flavours of mirchi, aniseed, cardomam and cloves. Overall, Dineinn appears to do Indian food well, at a good price point. 


Watch out for parking as parking space is pretty limited!


No 47 W. A. Silva Mawatha, Wellawatha, Colombo 6


From Galle Road, turn onto Ramakrishna Road. It's just there on the left hand side.



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