DJ Aquarium

120, Galle Road, Bambalapitiya

DJ Aquarium is unfortunately not the name of a cool new hipster music-mixer as we would have loved to imagine - it's a little pet shop on Galle Road that sells birds and fish.

DJ Aquarium is unfortunately not the name of a hipster music mixer as we would have loved to imagine - it's a little pet shop on Galle Road that sells birds and fish.


They also do maintenance and sell tank filters, plastic tank accessories, bird cages, bird food and fish food. The store is small and a little shady, with semi wet floors and the vague smell of plumbing, but it's an easy access pet shop if you want a new winged buddy or a tank full of fishies.



The shop entrance is flanked by bird cages - they've got jawas, love birds and cockatoos, and you can get a pair for about Rs. 500, though the jawas are more special for Rs. 1500. It's obviously a bit sucky to see these little cuties in small cages; they are however given plenty of food, and the manager told us that most customers come to buy their love birds.




Most of the little store is full of fish tanks, and they were mostly different varieties in sizes of goldfish and lucky fish (the funny looking ones in the picture above). The owner says the goldfish are his most popular sale and they go for as low as Rs. 30, while the jumbo size ones are imported, he says, for much higher prices.



The large grumpy looking posh variety of lucky fish in his office is for Rs. 3000. At the back of the shop are large well-like tanks of fish because they don't have room for them inside the shop. The filters are generally for Rs. 350+ while these guys also do tank maintenance for homes for Rs. 3000 upwards and for offices too.




DJ Aquarium is a good spot to drop by if you want a new pet bird or fish and don't want to spend much.



Always buy in pairs, birds and fish can get real lonely.


120, Galle Road, Bambalapitiya


It's a little bit before Holy Family Convent on Galle Road, right opposite Visakha Road.



Open 9.00AM to 9.00PM

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Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

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