Marine Drive, Bambalapitiya

Doggers is a food cart down Marine Drive. Their specialty is hot dogs, and given that their hot dogs taste good and affordable, this venture is a win.

Doggers is one of the latest additions to Colombo's growing food truck scene, serving up some interesting hot dogs. Given that their hot dogs taste good and affordable, this venture is a win.

The Hot Dogs

From what we gathered, Doggers is still pretty new. Their menu is understandably small - containing only four hot dogs, a couple of pasta dishes, submarine sandwiches and iced coffee in the drinks section. Since their speciality is hot dogs, we tried three of them. 

The BBQ Hot Dog (Rs. 250) boasted a rich tangy flavor that comes from the BBQ sauce, but still allowed us to distinguish the meaty flavors of the jumbo chicken sausage. It was wedged in between a not-so-soft, pretty generic bun, but rightly so as they're just a streetside food truck. The sausage was cooked right, cooked through but still tender. This wasn't bad, but could've been so much better if the sausage was actually barbecued, instead of being soaked in BBQ sauce.

The Hawaiian Hot Dog (Rs. 250) had a few bits of gherkin as promised, but not pineapple - although it had pineapple sauce in it. While its flavors were quite similar to the ones in the BBQ hot dog, it had a particularly tart taste that emerged from the gherkin.

Topped off with minced chicken (you can get it with minced beef as well), parmesan cheese and homemade sauce, the Classic Hot Dog (Rs. 300) had a lot to offer, and it was our favorite. The barbecue sauce and homemade sauce really helped to spike up the flavor by contributing to the sweet and spicy elements of the hot dog. This one was meatier in an obvious way, and very filling. We highly recommend it. 

We also tried a cup of their Iced Coffee (Rs. 150) which was nothing special but had a really strong coffee aroma. It wasn't watery or too sweet, and a good one to have on a hot day in Colombo (which is basically everyday). 

Location & Service

Doggers parks their food truck in front of the CEYPETCO Fuel Station down Marine Drive, a few meters to Wellawatte side from OZO Colombo. The uncle behind the counter is quite friendly, helpful and very quick on his feet. 


Doggers is a good option that you can go for, if you're around Marine Drive and looking for a filling, quick snack. They don't have any seating space, but there's a pretty good stretch of rocks overlooking the ocean which you can sit down with your friends and sink into this meaty goodness, while catching a glimpse of the glorious sunsets that Colombo skyline has to offer.


Try the Classic Hot Dog!


Marine Drive, Bambalapitiya


It's located in front of the CEYPETCO Fuel Station down Marine Drive, a few meters to Wellawatte side from OZO Colombo.



This place has closed down


Western American

Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

Dish Types

Pasta Iced Coffee

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