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A home cook who pulls off some great Sri Lankan and Western-style dishes.

In the past, we've loved Dushy's for their excellent salads, and now, we're fans of their extended menu. It's carefully curated, very innovative too, and reflects their passion for being culinary adventurous.


Aside from the salads that they're well known for, the new items on the menu include a whole bunch of meaty options and a few desserts.

The Hakuru Mas Rice (Rs. 950) was a serving of long-grain white rice, Hakuru (jaggery) chicken, salad and a sauce. It's actually a low-carb meal - a lot of meat and veggies, but less rice. 

Oozing out with a peppery punch, the Hakuru Chicken had a tinge of sourness to it, and quite a bit of curry. The colour of the gravy itself is enough testament to how rich this is. Absolutely aromatic, the gravy was creamy and seemed to have been infused with a good dose of spices - flavouring the tender, well-cooked meat. 

However, given that it's Hakuru chicken, we assumed that it would be a bit sweeter than this. The veggies in the salad were quite fresh and crunchy, and we highly recommend dressing it up with the sauce. It's very zesty, mustardy, and slightly spicy.
Clocking in at Rs. 950, the Honey Roast Pork & Mash had the butteriest mashed potato we've had in a while. As for the meat, it was a lot of fatty cuts, which we didn't like, and in terms of flavour, it wasn't bad. Sure, it could have been a bit stickier and sweeter to stay true to its name, but doesn't necessarily disappoint.

Dushy's take on Phat Brownies (Rs. 800 for four) is brilliant. A construction comprising of three layers - chocolate chip cookie dough at the bottom, Oreos in the middle, and brownie mix on top, you can actually taste the rich flavours of all three of them, without one dominating the other. 


We're happy that Dushy's is exploring new avenues and even happier that we got to try a few of them. It's a hassle-free lunch/dinner option, and a delicious one too. If you wish to order, get in touch with them via Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp - 0762626353.