No. 120/A, Havelock Road, Colombo 05

E-Cafe has a nineties - early 2000s vibe going on, burgers, desserts, coffee, drinks, and bready stuff. All of them pretty good.

E Cafe doesn't give off the best impression from the outside. We honestly thought it was an internet cafe or PC store - and we've never been happier to be proven wrong. As far as meals go, they just have two burger options at present, but there's also a nice selection of cakes, breads, cookies, and drinks on offer instead.

Service and Ambience

There's a 90's and early 2000's theme/vibe going on with the music — cue Westlife, old Rihanna albums, and the like. If you're a 90's kid who's unashamed of liking boy bands and all that, you' love this place. You'd also enjoy it if you love books, because they've stocked a couple of shelves up on both floors with a few. 

The gray chairs are incredibly comfortable despite their austere appearance, and Bhagya described sitting in them as a 'hug for your back'. Adding a bit of colour to this gray-and-pine coloured set-up are the patchwork chairs, which I think are hella cute.

What's rather surprising about this place is the amount of space. There are four rooms, two of them quite private, and a balcony upstairs. It's a great place for a party or a hang-out sesh with a close group of friends.

It's an even better place to work in because with that much space around, you can grab yourself a quiet corner and settle yourself in with your laptop (we noticed plenty of plugpoints around, near all the chairs).

The staff are nice and friendly, they've also got some clear plastic shields over their faces when handling food, so that's pretty neat. Service isn't slow, they take just about five or ten minutes to get your food to the table.

Food and Drinks

All their food seems to be handmade, including buns and patties, which is interesting. 

The prices are on the high end, with their Prawn Burger being Rs. 980. However, even the patty is homemade, and is actually made of whole prawns. It's rolled and patted down in a dough which holds it together, but the prawns break off easily. The bun is also fresh, nicely toasted, and well presented. 

The cherry on top was the salad, which was dressed beautifully and was superbly flavoured. The greens used in it were fresh, with thin ribbons of green apples thrown in with red lettuce for colour and flavour.

Their Oreo Cake (Rs. 400) was intensely moist, light and fluffy. Best thing for us was that it wasn't overly sweet at all, and doesn't make you OD on sugar or chocolate. As far as the flavour goes, it's quite subtle but definitely there. We also loved the frosting, which was un-sweet, rich, and creamy.

Meanwhile, a Strawberry Smoothie is Rs 470, but it's HUGE. A lot like a yoghurt drink, this is a bucketload of yoghurt and fresh strawberries blended in well together. This can knock you out if you try to finish within half an hour.

Their coffees are also a bit on the pricier side, with a cold drip at around one grand. Ouch. We settled for a Hazelnut Latte (Rs. 530), which was beautifully flavoured but somewhat lacking in the caffeine department.

This was also a rather large cup, so it'll last you quite a while if you don't mind it being lukewarm.


They haven't gotten many choices for selection up on the menu, but they said they'll be expanding it soon. The burger choices at the time of this review were teriyaki chicken and prawn, so if you're vegetarian you'll have to stick to the cakes and bready goodies. 



It's a great place to get some work done. Head over with your laptop!

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No. 120/A, Havelock Road, Colombo 05


Almost right opposite Police Park. A bit past the Vajira Road turnoff if you're heading towards Thunmulla on Havelock Road.


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Western Bakery

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Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1500

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Cakes Bready Burgers

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This place makes my blood boil. the cafe staff here are creeps. all of them.





This place makes my blood boil. the cafe staff here are creeps. all of them.

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