EDO Japanese Restaurant (Colombo City Centre)

#2, Colombo City Centre, 137, Sir James Pieris Mawatha, Colombo 02

EDO Japanese Restaurant in CCC does some good Japanese fare.

Colombo City Centre's (CCC) Food Studio sets up the bar so high for the food court scene in Sri Lanka. However, if you ever find yourself in CCC, it's not the only place that you can grab a good meal.
Serving up some delicious Japanese fare with a twist of their own, EDO Japanese Restaurant lies on its 2nd floor. If you've got some cash, and not looking for the quick grab-and-go, this is a legit option. 

Food & Drinks

We started off with a plate of Ebi Sashimi (Rs. 550). Nicely placed on a bed of ice, this one had six deshelled jumbo prawns, boiled to perfection, with some wasabi, ginger pickle, seaweed, and a slice of lime. Not only it gets full points for the flavour, but also wins points for having such a beautiful presentation. 
Our Beef Ramen (Rs. 1450) was a hearty bowl of warm soup, plentiful with noodles and beef pieces. The smell itself was enough to make us drool. There was a delightful flavour play here, contributed by the aromatic blend of spices popping through the bowl. Thanks to having absorbed all that spicy goodness, the elements were enrichened with even more flavours.

Each spoonful was rich with bits of beef and noodles, and the sprinkle of greens swimming about made this thing quite interesting. Plus, this is a pretty huge bowl - easily enough to satisfy two bellies. 

We followed this one with the Ikura Sushi (Rs. 860).
Two sushi rolls with ginger pickles and wasabi on the side, arrived in this one. From the freshness of the roe to the excellent craftsmanship, everything about this one was spot on. 

Bliss is this Chicken Katsudon (Rs. 1500)! Served hot-hot, it was topped off with chicken katsu, egg, and veggies. What's beneath that was a massive helping of white sticky rice.

The chicken had a delicious crisp on the outside, while the inside is juicy - adding so much flavour to the profile. With lightly caramelised onions, crunchy veggies and beautifully runny yolk, everything worked out quite well with the sticky rice. 

Again, this is a hefty portion. Two can gorge on this. But take up the challenge and finish it off by yourself (which is what I did - ahem!). 

As for drinks, they've got a few juices and hot tea served from a tea bag. We were too broke from all the good food we gobbled down (no regrets, though!), which is the reason why we went with a cup of Lemon Tea (Rs. 100).

Service & Ambience

Except for these well-lit paintings on the wall, the interior here doesn't necessarily boast Japanese vibes, but it's quite peaceful and spacious - enough to fit around 50 diners at a time. Whether it be a family gathering, friends hanging out, or even a casual date, the atmosphere here suits all that.

The efficiency of the staff in delivering our meal was quite impressive. Accommodating and inviting, they made our experience a pleasant one. 


Japanese food is pricey in Colombo, and EDO is on par with that. Fortunately, like most of them, EDO does a really good job whipping up some of the best Japanese dishes we've come across. Try them out if you are around! 


#2, Colombo City Centre, 137, Sir James Pieris Mawatha, Colombo 02



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Price Range

Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

Dish Types

Beef Chicken Fish Sushi Ramen

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