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El Janah

283, Galle Road, Mount Lavinia

Serving a wide range of cuisines, El Janah is a popular spot at Mount Lavinia. Their food isn't super authentic, but quite worth the affordable price tag.

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Shayne Brad

It's an amazing place as the location is very convenient since it's in Mount Lavinia.

The place is really nice with great staff,
the first floor was busy and crowded but the 2nd floor was really relaxing so we decided to go to the second floor.

I started with a Mango juice which was really fresh and tasted natural. my friend had el janah blast which was better.

We ordered their specialty which was the Portuguese chicken and let me tell you I have never tasted chicken like that before, it was amazing. the taste the flavor. My friend had Fish & Chips, they made it perfectly.

They bought the food pretty soon as well, and told us the roof top was also available if we would like to go, we actually went upstairs and checked it out, It was amazing. You can see the whole of Mount Lavinia from there. So we decided to have our food on the roof top. They allow to bring your own booze too, It's a good place to have parties and to chill with your friends. after our Lunch we had some coffee. It wasn't that good as I wanted it more blackish. but all together enjoyed the food and the place, will definitely go there one evening with my friends to chill with booze of course, and they said they have the BBQ on Friday to Sunday.

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