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Fire & Ice Pizzeria

9A, Glen Aber Place, Colombo 04

Founded by an Italian chef from Naples, Fire & Ice Pizzeria is a popular pizza chain in Kathmandu and Kolkata, beloved by their loyal patrons for over 20 years. Now they've claimed a beautiful spot down Glen Abar Place in Bambalapitiya.

Pizza lovers rejoice! There's another brand new pizza joint in town!
Founded by an Italian chef from Naples, Fire & Ice Pizzeria is a popular pizza chain in Kathmandu and Kolkata, beloved by their loyal patrons for over 20 years. Now they've claimed a beautiful spot down Glen Aber Place in Bambalapitiya, and we decided to drop in for a quick First Look - just after 7 days since the opening.

Food & Drinks

Aside from pizza, Fire & Ice also offers a bunch of pasta, salads, and desserts. As for drinks, they've got iced tea, and coffee (hot/cold). 

So let's start with the pizza. Initially, when I noticed that they make these pizzas from a normal oven, instead of a wood-fired, clay oven, my heart cringed a little bit. Because you see - I'm a bit of a buff when it comes to pizza. It's my favorite food on the planet, but I don't eat anything that's labeled as pizza (which is why I don't enjoy the doughy pizzas from franchise restaurants, no offense). I'm very picky about that.

However, one look at this pizza turned my impressions upside down.

Fire & Ice Pizzeria's pizzas are 12'' in width, and they let you opt for half-n-half pizza. What you see here is the half Salame Milano (Rs. 1900, half Rs. 850) and half Quattro Formaggio (Rs. 1600, half Rs. 800). 

Providing a satisfactory crunch from the first bite, the crust here was succulent and very crispy. It's a well-designed pie, with a few charred bits around the edges, and hands down, the BEST oven made pizza we've had so far. 

Our Quattro Formaggio half was brilliantly crafted with mozzarella, scamorza, ricotta, and gorgonzola, on a bed of mildly spicy tomato sauce. Being a huge fan of gorgonzola myself, I really enjoyed getting a whiff of it on this pizza, followed by its sharp flavors nicely blended with the other kinds of cheese. 

Showcasing a few slices of soft, and chewy salami on a generous layer of mozzarella and tomato sauce, the Salame Milano went down decently well. They actually use imported Salami Milano in this, so aside from the usual smoky flavors, this one also had a hint of pepper and garlic.

We also tried a Carbonara (Rs. 1200) from their pasta range. If you think that this is not cheesy enough, don't you worry because they offer a tiny tub full of parmesan along with this. There's no such thing as too much cheese, so go ahead and bask in the cheesy goodness all you want. 

The pasta was cooked al dente, with plenty of bacon bits to go with every forkful. Ask them for a pepper twist if you prefer your carbonara to be a bit spicy. 

*Pictured above - Lemon Iced Tea (left), and Iced Cafe Latte (right)

Lemony and hella refreshing, with a hint of tea, the Homemade Iced Tea (Rs. 350) was a brilliant thirst quencher. Fire & Ice Pizzeria use Illy brand in their coffee-based drinks. The Iced Cafe Latte (Rs. 450) had a good blend of double espresso, milk, and ice. Carrying a potent caffeine punch, it was light, frothy, and had all the elements at the right balance. 

Service & Ambience 

The ambience here is absolutely cozy and gives out a homey vibe. It's basically a house flipped into a restaurant and includes both indoor and outdoor seating options. 

With bright red colored walls decorated with vintage posters, comfortable wooden chairs, tables neatly arranged on the patterns of colorful tiles, and the light music that fills the room, it's a beautiful restaurant where you can enjoy a meal in peace. 

They've got an open kitchen, so everything that is made can be observed by everybody. The staff is well-versed on the menu, friendly and extremely helpful. They will always check in on with you, ask for your opinions on how they can improve while giving out recommendations whenever it appeared as though we may need it. 


Fire & Ice Pizzeria is very new, but they seem to be doing a really good job. We hope to try out more pizzas and their range of desserts in our exclusive review next time, so stay tuned! 


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9A, Glen Aber Place, Colombo 04


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