Flower Gate

2, Victoria Place, Elivitiala Mawatha (Baseline Rd), Colombo 8

Flower Gate is a new and very welcome addition to the Sri Lankan Chinese food scene. They may be relatively unknown, but theirs was some of the best Chinese we've had in a while.

A restaurant off one of the bylanes in Elvitigala Mawatha, Flower Gate is a spacious, glass-walled and rather deserted Chinese restaurant that doesn't have anything to do with either flowers or gates.

Food and Service

We ordered small portions of their Flower Gate Special (a mixed rice) at Rs. 530, Sweet and Sour Pork (Rs. 650), and Chicken Fillet in Lemon Sauce (Rs. 600).

The nice server who assigned himself to us was kind enough to say that their Special was a mixed rice which included pork, which we chose to omit. When we got the rice, the missing meat wasn't noticeable because there was barely any other meat.

Other than the shortage of meat, the rice was soft, fragrant and well seasoned. Our server spooned the rice and curries onto our plates, piled with both the pork and the chicken.

The former was tossed and fried in a crispy batter with very tender pork in the middle. He described it as 'a pretty much perfect sweet and sour pork' and loved the sauce — which veered more towards sweet than sour, but he loved it anyway and wiped out the whole dish (which was about 15 pieces of batter-fried and sauce-soaked pork).

The chicken confused both our senses because the sauce belonged more on a confection than on meat, if you get what I mean. It was incredibly lemony and sweet, a bit like a glaze on cheesecake. The meat itself was well done and tender, and there was quite a lot of it to go around: it's enough for at least 3 people.


There are several large dining tables and chairs, in what seems to be this glass enclosure. The AC on the end we were directed to sit at didn't work and it was rather warm while the AC on the opposite end of the room was on full blast, but didn't carry across evenly. It's a nice area, but I'm not entirely sure how hygienic it is because I found an ant in my plate and a follicle of hair in the vinegar and green chillie dip, and in one of the other dishes that was brought to the table... so that was a bit off-putting.


We'd recommend their meat dishes: even when Bhagya reviewed it last time, he was thrilled with the meat. If you're super nitpicky about great ambience and cleanliness though, you'd probably want to take a raincheck.


2, Victoria Place, Elivitiala Mawatha (Baseline Rd), Colombo 8


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Open 11.30 PM - 2.30 PM & 6.00 PM - 10.00 PM


Asian Sri Lankan Chinese

Price Range

Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

Dish Types

Pork Cuttlefish Beer

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