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A not so mallow place for marshmallows.

Marshmallows are the best. Fluffy, soft and just perfection in general, marshmallows are that one thing that has the power to make you feel like a child, no matter how old you are. 

But, lately, finding the perfect, heck, even an adequately good marshmallow has proved itself to be a task fit for demi-Gods trying to get acceptance from a father figure that disappeared when they were a baby. Which is essentially where Fluff comes into the picture. 

The Process 

We happened to come across Fluff through social media. Literally, one look at their Instagram is enough for you to want to place an order. 

The process of getting yourself some marshmallows is pretty simple. All you need to do is drop them a message on any form of social media (you can call them up too), ask for a menu and proceed to choose which ones you want.

You probably should know that they only do bulk orders, so get yourself ready for a solid 40 marshmallows when you get them delivered. It's all good though, we ended up with 80 and watched it disappear before we could come up with a plan B of what to do if we couldn't finish them. 

The Marshmallows 

While you would assume that getting 40 marshmallows is a lot, it's really not. We ended up getting a batch of the Passion fruit (Rs. 800) flavoured ones and the Nutella Bombs (Rs. 900). 

This is the Passion fruit one. A cardboard box stuffed with fluffy blocks of goodness that's definitely worth the effort of getting them down. 

Personally, this had got to be my favourite of the lot. Sweet, but not too sweet and lacking that distinct chemical-like rubberiness you get in commercially bought ones, the passion fruit marshmallows were a treat. Particularly if you like tangy things in general.

There's a lovely balance between the passion fruit taste and sugar and as surprising as this might be, the marshmallows were quite fluffy. We just couldn't get enough of them. A definite recommend on our part for this one. 

The Passion fruit ones might have been my personal favourite, but, all of us were quite excited for the Nutella Bombs. 

Fluffy, pearl-white blobs of goodness with chocolate sauce splayed on top and a surprise centre of Nutella, they were brilliant. 

The Marshmallows themselves were a lot lighter than the passionfruit ones and given how they were bite-sized, it was more or less a binge-fest, this one. Super fluffy and slightly sweeter than the passion fruit ones, the Nutella bombs gave a light mintiness to it and combined with the Nutella on the inside, we loved it. That being said, you might not taste the Nutella at first, but, it'll start making more of an appearance after your 3rd or 4th one. So, be patient. 


Finding a good marshmallow is pretty much impossible. But, Fluff managed to deliver some that were as close to perfection as we could have imagined. 

Plus, you're gonna get your money's worth on this. The marshmallows were some of the best we've had in a while and it was a hit! We say go for it. 

On the other hand, there is a whole heap of options you can go with including the option of customising them to your preference. It really doesn't get much better than this fam!

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