The FoodCycle

326 Galle Rd, Colombo 04

The Venn Diagram of good food and food from here is a circle.

We believe The FoodCycle is named so after the perfectly usable bicycle that has been hung as a trophy on the wall, just above the door. 

The FoodCycle, situated right opposite to St. Peter's College, is as enthralling as the Milo Champion's Trophy of 2018 where the Bamba boys put on a stellar show. 

The Food

The menu at The FoodCycle consists of the ideal late night grub that you would crave, including burgers, submarines and wraps and also some stellar kottu and biriyani.

Two heavenly patties take the centerstage with pickles and onions complementing its mouthwatering taste. The patty, homemade, is made of chicken and a mixture of exotic spices which gives it a very different taste to the usual burgers and adds that extra zest that you would look for. The fries that came with it tasted very light, but except for that, the Dual Shocker (Rs. 640) made a solid meal.

The Classic Chicken Submarine (Rs. 460) was an instant hit with us. Filled to the brim with delicious chunks of succulent chicken, each bite was a blast of flavour. The crispy capsicum and onions thrown in the fray gave it a very refreshing taste, and the bun itself was quite fresh and appealing. 

If there ever was anything to complain about the Chicken Cheese Kottu, it's that at Rs. 520, we felt that the portion we received was smaller than expected. The cheesy flavour was infused into the kottu, and it was adorned with wedges of roasted chicken, which added that extra kick to it. The pieces of roti were larger than usual and had soaked up the flavour.

The Beef Wrap (Rs. 440)  was not at its best but was quite enjoyable. The roti was thicker than usual, making it slightly harder to fully appreciate the heavenly filling that made it up. The beef in the filling too was slightly tough, and we would've loved it more had the meat been a tad bit softer to the bite.

The Chicken Wings, coming at Rs. 320 was essentially a portion of six fried chicken wings. The chicken was not as meaty as expected, but the crispiness of the thick batter around the chicken made up for it. In some instances, the taste of the batter overpowered, but serving as the appetiser, we found it quite alright.

*Pictured above - Strawberry Lassi (left), Lime & Mint (middle) and Sweet Lassi (right)

The drinks available did not disappoint either. The Lime & Mint (Rs. 200) was a tad bit too sweet, which made it slightly difficult to enjoy the tinge of mint-infused into a refreshing lime juice, of which we found, the balance was perfect.

The Sweet Lassi (200), a milky concoction, emanated the taste of yoghurt and also had that sweet tinge to it, which we very much approved of. It wasn't too sweet, but at the ideal level, which allowed us to enjoy the drink while not panicking about diabetes.

The Strawberry Lassi and the Chocolate Milkshake were probably the two of our top picks from the drinks section. The Strawberry Lassi (Rs. 280) perfectly encapsulated the rich strawberry flavour while also retaining the thick, yoghurt-y texture, which made it the ideal drink to wash down the food.

The Chocolate Milkshake (Rs. 220) was on a whole other level. Thick and filling, the milky flavour did not overpower that of the chocolate, and we loved it.

Service and Ambience

The food might take slightly longer to arrive, depending on the number of people available, and the staff are quite friendly and accommodating.

The ambience consists of a mixture of orthodox seating places plus an array of lights hung from the ceiling. It's hard to say if they go with each other, but it definitely lightens the place up.


Considering the fact that its open till late, it's one of the ideal places in Colombo to grab some late-night grub as the prices are quite alright as well. 


326 Galle Rd, Colombo 04