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Foodie-Colombo (Home Baker)

60, Melder Place, Nugegoda

Foodie-Colombo is a home baker that's good at creamy chocolate frosting cupcakes, and cake popsicles.

Foodie-Colombo is another one of Colombo's many home bakers. They do a whole bunch of sweet stuff, from full cakes to brownies to ice cream, and even some savouries, but we just tried their cupcakes and cake pops - they're good.

The Cupcakes


A good cupcake is generally when you manage to come out with soft cake and creamy soft frosting. So on this front, Foodie-Colombo delivers. We weren't big fans of the buttercream frosting, we've had better, but we loved the chocolate frosting. Everything was super sugary so this is for you if you like your sugar. Just a note though, in case you think of ordering their Hershey's cupcake, it barely has any Hershey in it.


Some of the chocolate cupcakes came with soft sugar rocks, but I'm a big fan of the ones topped with peanut flavoured M&Ms - something home bakers here seem to now be using (Bakes by Bella put it in her cookies). If you like peanuts, then this is a super topping to use. Cupcakes here come in a minimum of 12, at about Rs. 95-110.

The Cake Pops


'Cake popsicles' like jars, are relatively new on the local baking scene. We've tried a few places before and nobody has got it right. We got Foodie-Colombo's brownie ganache cake push pops and they were good: the brownie was soft, there were nice layers of ganache between the cake, and wonderful pani-kaju chunks on the top and in-between. The popsicle is a little precarious and can fall apart though, so best not to push the whole thing out at once. This comes at Rs. 210 each, with a minimum order of 10 cake pops, which is kind of a lot, but then again they're good cake pops, so it's your call.


Foodie-Colombo makes good chocolate frosting cupcakes, and we liked their cake pops. We think they're one of the good ones.


Twitter handle - @FoodieColombo

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