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Frozsta Kandy

433, Peradeniya Road, Kandy

  • Open until 10:00 PM

Frozen yoghurt place and coffee shop rolled into one

Frozsta is a newish froyo place located in a rather crowded spot along the Peradeniya Road, in Kandy.

The signage tells you they sell ‘frozen yoghurt and ice cream’ but inside there is no ice cream visible, only three forlorn looking froyo dispensers. Only two of them work.

The Froyo

The setup is simple, you go and get what you want from the machines, sprinkle whatever toppings you fancy, then weigh everything at the counter. You pay Rs. 300 for a hundred grams, which I thought was a tad steep. What you see in the picture cost Rs. 550.

There are only four flavors currently available. They all taste quite good. We’d recommend the Blueberry, Original and the Mint. The Strawberry tastes a little too artificial.

What was very disappointing were the toppings. There were only a handful to choose from, and they all looked as if they had been stagnating in their containers for a while. The peanuts were crumbly and old, and the fake jellybeans should have been thrown away last week, tiny ants were already gorging on some of them.


Frozsta is located in a standard three story building that would normally have been used as an office, or a front end business. You sit in the dark in the back (they only turned the lights on after we asked for them). The space is limited, and can feel a little claustrophobic. If it’s one of those days when you’re looking for den like atmosphere to get away from reality, feel welcome to go and be depressed inside.

Their brand identity is a little confused as well. The ground floor sells yoghurt and ice cream, while the first floor tacks on a standard coffee shop, with varieties of coffees and cakes for sale. Conceptually it has nothing in common with the outlet downstairs. We didn’t try the coffee shop, and stuck to the froyo (froyoicecream?) instead.

The coffee shop upstairs had large windows facing outside, and let in a little more light.

The Service

There is only one staff member on the premises, but he is quick and efficient, and very friendly. Though I wonder how they would cope on a more crowded day, assuming it gets more crowded.


Not many reasons to go to Frozsta, unless you’re nearby and need a place to work for a bit. The froyo is good but the toppings are really below par and the ambience doesn’t exactly excite.


Try the original and mint flavors together


433, Peradeniya Road, Kandy

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Open until 10:00 PM

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