Fruity Heavens

Delivery only

A home-based dessert maker that does some stellar rasamalai.

Fruity Heavens is yet another home-based venture in the cloud, that's specialised in dessert cups. As of now, they're available on Uber Eats. 

The Ordering Process

If you're not ordering bulks of these goodies, call them up on the number on the top of this article and place the order at least a couple of days ahead. Or else, you can simply go through their menu on Uber Eats, and settle for what she has in stock. They've got three categories - Creamy Delights, Trifle Delights and Indian Desserts. 

And after poking Chathura a bit to see if the rider was on the way, we found ourselves downstairs looking for our driver within an hour of deciding to get four dessert cups off Fruity Heavens. 

How it went 

Pictured Above from top left: Fruit Trifle Blackcurrant Delight, Rasamalai, Fruit Trifle Strawberry, Fresh Mango creamy Sensation 

Pretty, isn't it? Coming in as 4 blue plastic bags wrapping themselves tightly around each container, the desserts look like they haven't be shaken one bit when it arrived. 

 The Strawberry Fruit Trifle (Rs. 350) came with bits of apple, cut up grapes, custard, cake and lots of strawberry jello. Boosting a slight tang that mostly came from the jello and cut up fruit, the whole thing was extremely mild. I wasn't particularly thrilled by it, but the other members of the team seemed to like it.

However, we all agreed that there was far too little cake involved. Like, you could get little slivers of cake in between the jello and custard. But if you're into that, there's that. 

The only difference between the black currant trifle and the strawberry trifle is just the flavour of jelly used in the dessert.

So naturally, the Black Currant Fruit Trifle (Rs. 350) fell along the same lines as the one in strawberry. The amount of cake here was good, but a couple of us felt that the black currant was a tad too strong for the trifle because it overpowered every other element in it. However, if asked to choose between the two, we say go with this. 

This is the Fresh Mango Creamy Sensation (Rs. 280) with an add on (Rs. 25) of a digestive biscuit. While the cream itself was quite nice, it kind of felt like we were eating melted pudding. Sure, the cream was rather thick and had the perfect amount of sweetness, but, given how small the spoon was and how little the slice of mango was, we think it has room for improvement.

Nonetheless, we should mention that if you do get this, be sure to get the digestive biscuit as an add on to give a bit of a crunch to it; it makes it a lot better, trust us on this. We should also let you know that the biscuit, is in fact, a Marie. 

Aye, the Rasamalai (Rs. 325) - it was so good! Two deliciously milky blobs of we-don't-even-know-what dunked in slightly sweetened milk and almond flakes, we absolutely loved it. It isn't very heavy but has the perfect balance between being not too sweet and not sweet enough. Basically, if you happen to get yourself some Fruity Heavens, we suggest getting this for sure! 


While we did in fact like the rasamalai, we weren't giant fans of the trifles. But that being said, the problems we had with the desserts were very small and very easy to fix. So, we say give it a shot!