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FryDay (Street Rush)

Street Rush, 293, Galle Road, Mount Lavinia

FryDay crafts up boxes of French fries, paired with many interesting toppings. And they stuff them in burgers and hot dogs too.

Greasy, salty, golden-fried sticks of potato with the perfect crisp - French Fries are a true crowd-pleaser, despite where you grab them from. It could be on the side of the burger which you grabbed from a fast food restaurant, or served with the plate of a grilled pepper steak in an all fancy restaurant - it's a type of food known to be unhealthy. But seriously, how often have we been rendered powerless in front of a stack of buttery smelling, steaming hot French fries?
Having understood this, FryDay crafts up boxes of French fries, paired with many interesting toppings. They reside inside Street Rush, the work-in-progress food court-like establishment in Mount Lavinia.

Food & Drinks

FryDay puts French fries in everything, not only in boxes, but also inside the burgers and hotdogs they offer, instead of serving them on the side! The boxes of fries with different toppings (FryBox) come in two sizes - regular and large, while the fries-stuffed hot dogs (FryDog) and burgers (FryBurg) are offered as they are, or in the form of a meal containing a soft drink and a box of their Classic Fries. 

This FryBox is called Cheesy Locker (Rs. 400 for large). We couldn't help but notice the remarkable resemblance between these fries and the McD fries - which is a constant favourite of many. Thin, and sprinkled with salt, they had a nice crisp on the outside, and a surprisingly hearty centre, despite its lean build. 

Generously drizzled with creamy cheddar sauce and sweet chilli sauce, this stuff is pretty addictive. 

Featuring cubes of roast chicken, and topped off with sweet chilli sauce, the Roast Chicken FryBox (Rs. 380) was superb too. With everything going on with the sheer amount of meat, it's a very filling one as well. The sweet chilli adds a tasteful tang, and a teensy bit of heat to the whole thing. 

Clocking in at Rs. 480, the Curry Fest FryBurg was a mouthful of fries, lettuce and a chicken patty stacked in between a soft burger bun. The crumb-fried chicken patty was alright, and they've kept its seasoning to a minimum, allowing the chickeny flavours to harmonise with everything else going on in this burger. 

However, the fries inside the burger might not be everyone's cup of tea. On the bright side, they haven't added a lot of it, so it's not a carb overkill. Plus, it gives a nice swirl of saltiness, along with a bit of crisp to the bite while the drizzles of cheddar and curry sauces sufficiently coat the potatoey flavour. I loved it, so did one of my lunch partners, but the other one, not so much. 

The name of the dawg would be Sweet Chilli FryDog (Rs. 380) - a hot dog stuffed with crumb-fried jumbo chicken sausage, French fries, and topped off with a heap of sweet chilli sauce. 

This is heavier than your usual hot dog for obvious reasons. Dominated by the meaty flavours of the well-cooked chicken sausage, while French fries being that salty, crackly delight, it was good. The sweet chilli sauce made everything messy, and also, better. Again, the fries part of this might not be for everyone. 

Ambience & Service

The ambience and the ordering process here is pretty much similar to what we observed at The Food Station. It's a collection of food stalls completed with a dining space. At the moment, FryDay is the only food stall here, but from what we gathered, a few more stalls are supposed to open within this month. 

The staff manning the stall seemed quite excited, and helpful as well. Upon our arrival, one of them described each and every item on the menu, and gave recommendations on what to order, depending on our flavour preference. 


If you have a weakness for French fries, this is a safe bet. The pricing is on par with the fries servings you get in fast food chains, but these guys offer a lot more with the interesting toppings they have. Anyway, if you can't bear the thought of eating a burger/hotdog stuffed with fries, just pull 'em out and have them on the side, because either way, you're going to enjoy them. 

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