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Fudgy Friday's

Delivery only

a home baker in Nugegoda that ones one hell of a tart.

We've been eyeing on the Facebook page of Fudgy Friday's for quite some time now. This is a fairly new home baker in Nugegoda who has some of the prettiest tarts in the Western Province. So, while saying goodbye to one of our sweetest colleagues, we grabbed our chance to order a tart from Fudgy Friday's. 


The ordering process at Fudgy Fridays is as straightforward as it gets. You just slide into her DM's (you'll find their social media pages below the article) and place your order with the necessary details. Then, all you need to do is patiently wait till it arrives. Unfortunately for us, the day that we had planned to get the tart was just one of those days when the delivery wasn't available. So we just had to drop into her place to get it. 

The Tart

Fudgy Friday's does a number of tarts, from Key Lime to Panna Cotta to Double Chocolate. We decided to take a shot at the Double Chocolate (Rs. 2700).

With a not so sheen dusting of cocoa powder covering the top, the Double Chocolate Tart was almost painstakingly beautiful. Heavy, thick and with little gumdrops of chocolate chips making patterns before our eyes, it was love at first sight. 

That was till we cut it up. 

Just look at this beaut! With a silky smooth layer of extreme amounts of chocolate and a chocolate base, this is probably what dreams are made of. 

Anywho, let's start with the base, shall we? The base was perfect because it wasn't overly sweet, which is something that most home bakers tend to get wrong. Instead, it was hella chocolatey with enough space to taste the milky centre, which brilliantly balanced out the flavours in this one. 

The centre was smooth, creamy as hell and had just the perfect amount of chocolatey goodness we could have imagined. Sweet but not too sweet, it had slightly bitter notes of dark chocolate, which is mainly coming from the layer that's closer to the base. It's rich, it's chocolatey, it's smooth and it's overall, fantastic! 

Furthermore, the tart is big and rich enough to serve at least 8 very, very hungry chocolate-loving humans. So, it's worth the price. 


The texture was on point, the flavours were on point, and we have absolutely nothing to complain. We've found the perfect tart in town. 

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