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Fuel Bar

Delivery only

Refreshing smoothies delivered to your doorstep.

Fuel Bar is a relatively new establishment that is dedicated to making sure that you start your day in the most healthy and delicious way possible. With an arsenal of exciting smoothies, Fuel Bar operates from their home-base and is available for delivery.

The Smoothies 

The Triple Berry Smoothie (Rs. 720) consists of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries and the smoothie does a good job of presenting all three flavours at once. In comparison to the rest, the texture of this particular smoothie is slightly less thick, yet still thicker than your average smoothie, and the strawberry flavour tends to overpower the other two.

This is easily remedied by the little chunks of the blueberry and raspberry available in the drink, which, when it makes its way into your mouth with each sip, gives a burst of that particular flavour, which is prepared in such a way that makes it go in perfect harmony. 

The Peanut Butter Berry Powder (Rs. 650) does a great job of giving out the perfect peanut flavour with each sip. A grainy texture induced into the thick smoothie, the peanut butter berry powder is definitely amongst our favourites. The smoothie had a good consistency and was quite filling as well.

We are usually huge fans of Nestomalt, but infused into a smoothie, we felt like its original flavour was lost to a certain extent. The Nestomalt flavour in the Malted Goodness (Rs. 500) lingers on as an after taste rather than coming on as a burst of flavour. 

The Fuel Smoothie (Rs. 600) had a creamier, lighter texture than the rest of the smoothies, and had a distinct banana and strawberry flavour. With the chai seeds making an appearance, it was the ideal wholesome smoothie. 

The Breakfast Oats Smoothie (Rs. 500) unfortunately did not present the oats flavour that you would've been looking for, but we wonder if it was because of the banana add on that we ordered which sort of overpowered all other flavours. It felt more like a banana smoothie than one infused with oats, so next time we'd recommend you try a different add on.

The prices of the smoothies differ depending on the add ons and bases you choose. Their bases range from yoghurt, buffalo curd and even whey protein.

The Ordering Process

It's not that complicated, all you have to do is use the Uber Eats app in order to find them, and once you do, place the order through their app. 


Admittedly it is a bit pricey for a smoothie, but they are pretty worth it and can serve as a quick meal as well due to the fact that it's so filling. We recommend. 


Delivery only



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Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

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