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Gafoor Building

Main Street, Fort, Colombo 1

Getting back to the wonderful world of Fort here is another of the city's most beautiful and neglected buildings. 

A sad example of conversion done wrong this amazing piece of architecture- a  monumental, off white wedge sticking out between the port and York street once housed Caves – the country's premier bookshop. A few years ago the building, now the subject of multiple court cases, was turned into a car park.  So the beautiful display windows, still emblazoned with the ornate gold lettering of a century ago reveal only parked motorcycles and Japanese sedans. At least the building is still standing and the upper non- car park floors play host to the occasional rave/party. As such this is one of Colombo’s most interesting creative spaces worth keeping in mind if you want to host a unique party/event.


The small remaining non-car park section also houses the Harbour Stop, superior local-food spot,


Main Street, Fort, Colombo 1

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