Gami Gedara

176, Jambugasmulla Mawatha, Nugegoda

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A long-standing rice & curry name that has slid down the ladder a bit.

Since we first visited Gami Gedara, we've been loyal patrons of the place. Nearly every day, we've sat down for a stellar rice and curry lunch. 

As of late it's pretty evident that although still constantly crowded, Gami Gedara has chosen to completely disregard their patronage via the measly portion sizes. Their fanbase ends up here by default anyway, so that's probably why they've decided to be scarce with their portions.

The Rice and Curry

They've dwindled in terms of variety and switching up curries every now and then. I cannot lie, their spread is still healthy and delicious, but on some days it can get a bit tedious. Their meats include chicken curry, pork curry, fish ambulthiyal, and the occasional cuttlefish/prawn curry. The reason why we got the fried chicken instead of the chicken curry is because you get a measly wing or whatever to go with the rice, unless you awkwardly ask for a bigger piece. 

Also, no more kaha buth or nasi goreng. RIP. Whatever photograph you take here will always look good because of all the light this place gets. So if you take a closer look you'll be able to see exactly what the rice to curry portion is really like. 
This is the Fried Chicken Rice (Rs. 300). The chicken is alright, it's soft and tastes like generic sauce-coated, pan-fried chicken. The white rice was well-cooked and fluffy.

The curries here are: dhal, manioc, curried mango and a potato+cabbage mix. I can't lie, the curries tasted alright. They don't possess the zing they used to have, and the near-microscopic portion sizes just add to the disappointment.
The Cuttlefish Rice and Curry also costs Rs. 300. The cuttlefish curry was the best part about this experience. The cuttlefish cuts like butter, is spicy as heck and if they simply measured out a decent portion, it'd have been much better.

Service & Ambience

They've still got like, 500 people over the counter to serve you. The usual fellows are friendly and courteous, but on occasion you'll run into an outright creep. 
Ambience hasn't changed one bit. The AC is still leaky. It's definitely a lot more crowded now and they've got a lot of people still spilling in even after they've run out. People seem to really like the place, so I guess they've got that going for them. 


Honestly, just go somewhere else for lunch. Better than having to awkwardly keep saying 'thawa wadiyen dahanna' and being met with fixed gazes. 



Try their Mixed Fried Rice.


176, Jambugasmulla Mawatha, Nugegoda


Open until 09:30 PM


Sri Lankan

Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

Dish Types

Biriyani Rice And Curry Pork

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