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Gami Gedara

Colombo Racecourse, Colombo 7

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Healthy and tasty juices for Rs. 200.

Although their name may suggest those bitter-tasting medicinal drinks that we dread, they’re actually quite opposite. Gami Gedara uses a range of local produce including woodapple, starfruit, ambarella, veralu (Ceylon Olive) and nelli (Indian gooseberry) among others to make some lip-smacking juices and smoothies with crushed ice. You also have the option of adding lemon or lime, mango, honey or flavoured ice cream to your drink.

The best part is that every drink is superhealthy with a bunch of vitamins and nutrients in each one. Every drink also comes with its own share of health benefits, be it fighting cholesterol, preventing and controlling diabetes, improving intelligence, memory and more. When I asked for the healthiest drink available, I was served a chilled soursop juice. It’s a cancer-fighter and body-coolant, so it was perfect during the heat of the day. The curry leaf juice with “a dash of lime” was also recommended.

All juices and smoothies cost Rs. 200, available at both the Thursday and Saturday editions of the Good Market.


Ask for a body-cooling drink on a hot day.


Colombo Racecourse, Colombo 7


On Saturdays, check out the Racecourse via the Independence Square side or by heading from Vihara Maha Devi and down Reid Ave.

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