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No. 145, Thimbirigasyaya Road, Colombo 5.

Giovanni's is a little Italian pizza place run by a chef who uses his own recipes, and serves fresh from a clay oven.




I had a lovely evening with my wife soured at the end by an immature, arrogant “owner.” Here’s the story;

My wife and I weren’t particularly hungry this evening so we opted for one pizza with half-an-half on the toppings (they have a non-cheese pizza which my wife likes but I find an abomination). Anyway, with the bill, I was surprised by the fact that they had charged us the higher priced pizza (which was mine @ 1700, but my wife’s being cheese-free was 1,100) so logic would have it that our half-an-half should have been priced at 1400 (which is the case at literally any pizza place in my experience). I asked the waiter about it later (after we had paid and were about to leave) but he simply said this is how they do it all the time (not helpful and not trying to be either - I regretted the tip I left him). I was not particularly bothered by any of this but I was still curious and felt I should ask the owner/manager if there was any rationale why I overpaid 300 bucks because it just didn’t make sense to me - and having come here several times in the past, I knew the place to have a friendly and helpful vibe. Boy was I wrong, and this is when my evening was essentially ruined.

I asked to speak to the owner if he was around and this guy who was perched on the front steps near the entrance said it was him. I was a bit sceptical coz he didn’t look like anyone in charge who I had been acquainted with in my past visits. Regardless, I didn’t question him on that but asked if there was any reason why he charged my half-an-half at the highest rate. (More as a matter of genuine inquisition than a complaint but he got defensive and quite rude from the start). He said that he did me a “favor” by doing half-an-half and that he won’t usually do it. I asked if there was a problem doing it but he said no (so what’s the favour?!!?) I told him that we like his pizza and he said if we like it, I shouldn’t complain (I wasn’t really complaining), then he said if I have a problem with the pricing or anything, just not to come and eat their pizza, and that they have enough people who come (he was right - the place was crowded, but it was a weekend night). I was disappointed by his attitude, but not entirely surprised. You see, when this was going on, there were no less than 10 other boys who worked there (including my waiter) surrounding us (did I mention that this “owner” was also a boy), so maybe he wanted to assert some dominance in front of his posse (who looked more like they were cutting classes and smoking for the first time with their parents’ money than they did running a restaurant).

The reason why I also keep using quotes on “owner” is I’m not sure if he really is the owner either. He did not have the mentality, attitude, temperament, charm, or maturity to own a pizza, let alone a pizza place. I don’t know if he was pretending to be the owner or whether he was put in charge by the actual owner, but he clearly had no place representing an establishment which my wife and I have enjoyed for many years.

When I told my wife (who was in the car during all this) what had happened, she too was surprised and confused, and we were both sad together. We both enjoyed the pizza here and the service in the past has been excellent. Whoever this guy was (owner or not) is essentially ruining its reputation. The crowds may come in now, and we may just be two customers they can afford to lose, but it only takes a few more of us to turn back and never return for the winds to shift.

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No. 145, Thimbirigasyaya Road, Colombo 5.


It's just opposite Moon River Chinese restaurant on Thimbirigasyaya Road, near Sen Saal and Jawatte Road.


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Open 6 PM–11 PM



Price Range

Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

Dish Types

Pasta Pizza

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