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Good Life Cafe

3, Sulaiman Terrace, Colombo 05

  • This place has closed down

A chilled cafe down Sulaiman Terrace that serves everything healthy.

Good Life Cafe is every healthy human's dream cafe. Everything about this cafe is so healthy that your clogged arteries will wince in shame. 

While their main focus is cold pressed juices, you could also choose from their range of salads, smoothies, smoothie bowls, protein shakes, organic teas, energy bars and power balls.

The Juices


Priced at Rs. 350 and 300, Good Life Cafe takes pride in being one of the very few places that sells juices with zero sugar. Their juices are cold-pressed, so you know you're getting the most out of the fruits. You know it's raw. It's real. It's healthy. 

Pure OJ (Rs 350) is that brother of Minute Maid who graduated from the University of Cambridge and now lives in L.A.

It was pulpy, sweet and 100% orange juice. Definitely the better alternative to diluted orange juices you'll find at most juice bars or your college canteen.

I was really skeptical about this. It's called Sweet Green, but the last time I checked, green veggies tasted anything but sweet.

Surprisingly, this was hella refreshing on a Tuesday afternoon when served chilled. There's an ambarella taste coming through, but plot twist - there's no ambarella! Made with spinach, pineapple, lemon and red apple, this is one of the best ways to go green.

The Smoothie Bowl

If you really want to have a soup and a smoothie but you don't have the time or money for both, a Smoothie Bowl could fit your requirements. I got myself a 500 rupee Mango Smoothie Bowl which had a base made with mango, pineapple, banana and king coconut water. At Good Life Cafe, smoothie bowls come with three toppings of your own choice. I opted for almonds, berries and kiwi because I am fancehhh (and also because I wanted to Instagram my bowl).

Tasting strongly of bananas, I quite liked this. It was sweet, but not achingly sweet - just about right. Very fruity in taste (naturally because it's a smoothie bowl), this works well as a midday snack.

 If this is what you're going to have for lunch, you'd probably end up getting a McSpicy later on.

The Power Balls

At Rs. 50 a power ball, Good Life Cafe has Coconut Power Balls, Chocolate Almond Power Balls and Peanut Butter Power Balls.

My favourite of  the three was the coconut ball  and the least favourite was the chocolate ball which only reconfirmed my belief on how chocolate can never be healthy and appealing to me at the same time.

The Coconut Power Ball was basically a big milky ball of grated coconut with something milky to keep it together. If you don't like coconut, you won't like this.

The Peanut Butter Ball tasted strongly of peanuts and while it wasn't creamy and unhealthy like I'd want peanut butter to taste, it wasn't bad. 

The Chocolate Power Ball looked chocolatey and tasted way too healthy. If you really want to shed 500 grams but you also really want a Ferrero Rocher, go ahead and wrap one of these in gold foil to trick your brain, not your tastebuds. You get the taste of almonds, chocolate and dates all in one. 

For Rs 50, I'd say these Power Balls are quite reasonably priced for an energizing snack.


The salads here don't have meat. You could consider bringing boiled chicken in a bag and throwing them in later on, but I doubt the owners would approve. They're assembled in sealable jars for takeaway, so you get the salad and a free jar! #WinWin

We didn't try these yet, so let us know what your experience was like. 


Service and Ambience

The cafe is run by a Romanian couple, and the service is personal and friendly. One of the co-owners is a nutritionist. So you can get a one minute crash course on why you need those antioxidants from that smoothie. It'll take a while for you to get the smoothies and shakes because they're prepared fresh, but their juices are always putting a little chill in the fridge. 


The spot is nothing but chilled with cooling green hues everywhere. A potential spot to unwind over something packed with nutrients while talking about the crazy global warming that is overtaking our lives.


Good Life Cafe serves something that most places don't. It's a completely healthy cafe, and the owners plan on extending the menu to include more full meals along with meat options. This cute cafe with a cool concept looks like it can really cater to everyone who wants to get healthy and to everyone who wants to feel a little healthy.


3, Sulaiman Terrace, Colombo 05


Turn into Sulaiman Terrace from Jawatte Road and then, turn left. There's a little board. It's right next to Aszai Studio.


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This place has closed down

Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

Dish Types

Salad Fruit Vegetarian Fruit Juice Smoothies Healthy

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