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Good Market (Diyatha Uyana - MOVED)

Diyatha Uyana, Battaramulla

Good Market has moved to Racecourse, and is held every Saturday now.

The Good Market is no longer at Diyatha Uyana, Battaramulla. They're now at Rajakeeya Mawatha on Saturdays.

The Good Market on Thursdays at Diyatha Uyana - a vibrant and slightly expensive market of beautiful crafts and healthy food - usually goes on from about 12 PM to 8 PM.

A visit that includes a lot of shopping and binge-eating will get pricey, mainly because things are generally quality, small-batch and basically home made. However it's still a cool place to relax with friends and perhaps enjoy a frozen yoghurt or lime and mint from a juice stall. You can also grab a lunch there for Rs. 200-500 from stalls like Panino's and Mama Aida's.

Here's a quick photo tour of delights.


Thursday's Good Market at Diyatha Uyana is a great place to get some very cool handcrafted goodies and foodies.


The cakes are the best investment you can make - priced at Rs. 500 upwards, different stalls offer slices in mouth-watering flavours like double-fudge, blueberry and lemon.



Achcharu Kade's famously delicious stuff is usually found at the Good Market at Racecourse but the only achcharu here is at Dhaiyya Hut - you get a hefty bowl of it for Rs. 250


Good Market is mostly occupied by amazing local craft-work often brought in from as far as Jaffna


You can get some beautiful hard-backs at good ol' Deen the Bookman's stall for as little as Rs. 300, although the big ones (these smell even nicer - yes, I smelled them creepily) go up to Rs. 2000.


Drumhouse from Aluthgama has a cool stall here with drums and other instruments (rain makers and thunder makers) ranging from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 20,000 - these guys also conduct music workshops back where they're from - music is often played live at the Good Market later on in the evening.


The FroYo stand offers some tasty cups of frozen yoghurt for Rs. 200 in mango and vanilla - or combined - flavours.


Take a break from shopping and food to have your portrait etched into paper by a real pro.


The staff at stalls are usually super friendly (and kind of hot too, if you go to the Arabic food stall).


A new stall Saffron Persian Delights has cropped up here and they have some interesting 'coconut cookies' for only Rs. 50 that I'd highly recommend.


If you're sick of walking around and crying about how you can't afford some of the cool shizz, then go relax at this stall that'll give you soothing foot and back massages.


Or just chill around the aquarium and stare at the fishies - they're very interactive if you go real close and make fish-faces at them, I've tried - evenings are the best time to enjoy the aquarium, when they're beautifully lit up.


For the popular stalls you need to go early.


Diyatha Uyana, Battaramulla


Head down the Parliament Road (continuing along Horton Place is a good place to start) through Rajagiriya and into Battaramulla. Don't turn towards Parliament, keep going to your left and turn into Water's Edge.


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Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

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