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Gourmet CBP

78/5 Wickramasinghapura Road Battaramulla

Gourmet CBP specializes in rich and decadent variations of the classic chocolate biscuit pudding.

For the time being, Gourmet CBP is sadly closed and will not be taking any more orders. We will update this page if the business starts up again!

You can count on Gourmet CBP to satisfy your chocolate cravings. They follow a 30 year old family recipe for the classic chocolate biscuit pudding, and operate through Facebook. You can either pick up your orders or get them delivered to your doorstep.

Their regular range offers 4 variations of the classic chocolate biscuit pudding, including Mint Choc Chip, Nutella Silk and Oreo bites. They also have a 'Rock Me' range, which is variations of CBP with alcohol added in.

From the regular range, we ordered their Original CBP (Rs. 275) , Mint Choc Chip (Rs.300) and Nutella Silk (Rs.300). 

The Nutella Silk CBP was a real treat. Perfect layers of soft biscuits and thick, creamy Nutella. It was gooey and rich and definitely worth Rs.300. While it's possible, we wouldn't recommend finishing the whole cup by yourself. No doubt it will be delicious, but as the saying goes "too much of a good thing is bad". Also, sharing is caring so go spread some love and chocolate.

The Mint Choc Chip on the other hand is a very acquired taste. Generally mint and chocolate is a good combination but this was like eating chocolate biscuit pudding with mouthwash. The taste of mint was too strong for my liking and not something I'd like to eat again. But, if you love the taste of strong mint, then this is for you.

The Original CBP was brilliant. The chocolate was smooth and satisfying and the biscuits were soft. The pudding was topped off with chocolate chips, which weren't necessary because the pudding in itself was glorious. It was happiness in a cup at a very reasonable price,and each mouthful was better than the last one. They say nothing beats the original, and they're right. In one word: delicious.

From the "Rock Me" range we ordered a Cherry Brandy (Rs.325) and Mocha Cream (Rs.300)

The Cherry Brandy is big shot of brandy mixed into the chocolate icing. It is not over powering and balances out with the chocolate very well. More over, it has cherries in each layer and not just as a garnish.

The Mocha Cream comes with a bit of Baileys. It is not as chocolaty as the rest of the puddings and there is a strong taste of mocha through out. It isn't overly sweet either so you won't feel gulity eating it by yourself.


Unfortunately we did not know about Gourmet CBP when we had our Chocolate Biscuit Pudding Taste Off. It's safe to say that if we did, they would definitely come up on top. Their puddings are delicious and reasonably priced. Will recommend 100% and it's a big thumbs up from us.


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78/5 Wickramasinghapura Road Battaramulla



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I'm not usually a fan of chocolate biscuit pudding but these really changed my mind. Delicious.

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I'm not usually a fan of chocolate biscuit pudding but these really changed my mind. Delicious.

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