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Grand DSM

42, S De S. Jayasinghe Mawatha, Nugegoda

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A restaurant in Kalubowila that does a mix of rice & curry, biriyani, grilled meats and fast food.

Grand DSM does a little bit of everything - rice & curry, Chinese food, biriyani, grilled meats, and fast food. They've been around for quite some time now, in a convenient location in Kalubowila. 


The rice & curry spread they have during lunchtime allows you to pick a plate of rice of your choice and five curries (including a protein) to accompany it. 

For our Chicken Rice & Curry (Rs. 240) we chose red rice, amberella, long beans, mukunuwenna mallum, dhal and of course, chicken. The piece of chicken here was quite hefty and had a good amount of spices infused, but the rest of the components at play lacked the curry flavour that we were looking for. Mildly seasoned, both dhal and long beans curries were milky, while the amberella curry was doused in sweetness. 
The Chicken Fried Rice Set Menu (Rs. 350) came with a generous serving of rice, chop suey, chilli paste and a giant piece of chicken. The rice was alright, had bits of carrots and spring onions mixed in, but didn't have any seasoning to taste. 

Soaked in a sweet sauce, the chicken had a firm exterior, while the inside is soft and juicy. What we really didn't like here was the chop suey. It had this weird, musty aroma which made us take it off the plate for good. 

*Pictured above Mutton Biriyani and EGB

Clocking in at Rs. 750, the Mutton Biriyani was a total letdown. From flavours to elements to texture, there wasn't anything biriyani-like in it. The rice looked and tasted like regular yellow rice, and featured an assortment of curry leaves, peanuts and raisins.

As for the mutton counterpart, we spotted around 5 - 7 pieces of them - roast to the point that they look like bits of coal. Rock hard in texture, our jaws are still hurting from chewing them. 

We were excited about the Turkey Curry (Rs. 525) but it left a lot to be desired too. It's mostly bones, and not meat while the whole thing tasted like salt more than anything else. 

Ambience & Service

With neatly arranged wooden tables and chairs, the ambience here is better than one would expect. Spacious and properly air-conditioned, they've got a good playlist here too. 

The staff was helpful with our order and managed to bring out our food within around 15 minutes. 


Aside from rice & curry, we weren't too happy about our experience here which is why we're not encouraging you to try them out. Nonetheless, it's a known dining spot among anyone who passes by.

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