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Griddling (Street Rush)

293 Galle Rd, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia

A burger/ roti john spot in Street Rush.

With the combination of a whole bunch of some of the best fast food joints in Colombo, Street Rush joined the food-court scene as the pride and joy of Mount Lavinia.

And while we've already checked some of the other places inside the giant building, we were yet to try out the home of the Roti John, AKA Griddling. 


Unlike usual food court experiences, the ambience at Street Rush somehow managed to compliment the spirit of Griddling really well. With a subtle hustle of families coming to get food, colourful chairs, a general balmy atmosphere, the whole concept of burger-ing there worked better than we'd expect. 

But, we do recommend going on a weekday to escape the crowds. We happened to drop by on a Tuesday night and there were a lot more people than you'd hoped for. 

The Food 

If you have no idea what a griddling is, fear not friend, click here. And if you're wondering how a grill differs from a griddle, click here. Now, since we're all done with the confusion, we can finally get to the good bits. 

Griddling mostly sticks to a couple of differently meated sandwiches ranging mainly from burgers to roti johns. They also have a couple of appetizers in their menu of which we got the only one that was available that day. 

The Griddled Curd Chicken (Rs. 350) was essentially this. A wooden board with a small pile of chopped up chicken with a drizzle of mayo and ketchup on top. The chicken was in itself, was all right. It wasn't overly flavourful because the flavour of the chicken powered through stronger than the taste of the added spice. But you could tell that the chicken had been marinated quite well before they had cooked it through the way it tasted. However, the chicken wasn't very hot when it arrived at our table and given how tough it was, we're gonna say that it was a tad overcooked.

That being said though, for Rs. 350, it's actually quite good. We didn't find a single bone in the whole thing and it's more than enough for 2 people to munch on if you're getting another main or two. 

Off the burger list, we opted with the Minced Beef (Rs. 550) even if we were a bit sceptical about the whole thing. 

Essentially just a bun with a layer of salad, beef, onions and egg, the Minced Beef Burger was brilliant! The bun was beautifully moist and soft in the right ways and combined with the beef and the veggies, we really liked it.

The veggies were fresh and added a lovely crunch to it and the concoction of sauces and beef ended up tasting almost like a variation of chicken floss, which we thought was fantastic. If they can put some pickles in the mix, this would have been one solid 10/10 rated burger. 

The one thing that separates Griddling from any other sandwich place in Colombo is their addition of Roti John's in their menu.

Looking like something off a FoodPorn account, the Chicken Roti John (Rs. 500) ended up being a super moist bun sandwiched between fried eggs and topped with a bit of coleslaw, caramelised onion, chicken and french fries.
After the first couple of attempts of eating it like a sandwich, removing the french fries and chopping it up to little bits and breaking it off like roti, we more or less gave up and ate bits off of it alone instead of all at once. 

If you're an egg person, you're going to love this. There's egg everywhere. On top of the bun, under the bun...EVERYWHERE! Saucy and mostly sweet, we kinda liked the roti john. It wasn't something we were very used to, but, it wasn't all that bad. It's worth ordering if you're looking for a little adventure. 

On a side note, if you manage to eat it without making a mess, please do let us know in the comments.

Pictured Above: Virgin Mojito (left), Masala Chai (right)

In terms of drinks, they stick to Mojito's (Rs. 220) and Masala Chai (Rs. 100). The Mojito was a refreshing mix of mint and lime, but a bit more lime would have made it perfect. However, what really stole the show was the Masala Chai. A cocktail of a perfectly balanced amount of tea, milk and spices - we loved it.


The staff at Griddling was super nice. They were very helpful in terms of helping us what to get and all in all, we had nothing to complain about. 


In conclusion, all we can say is that we liked it. They've Roti John if you don't mind trying something new, and for others, they do a good minced burger. 

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