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Grill Hut

572 Madiwela Rd, Ruhunupura

A good bet for grilled meats/seafood under a budget.

The grilling scene in the Colombo suburbs has been popping for the past year or so, especially after the first lockdown. Grill Hut joins this throng with an affordable menu that truly gives value for your money. 

Food & Drinks

They do grilled chicken, pork and seafood-centric dishes, which you can pair up with a glass of their homemade Virgin Mojito. 

The Grilled Chicken Whole Leg (Rs. 450) was served with a few halves of toasted bread, a helping of crispy French Fries, and a side salad. Considering the quality and quantity at play, it's a fair deal.

The chicken had a good crisp to its outside, while the inner layers were fall-off-the-bone soft and juicy. They had kept the seasoning to a minimum, with salt, pepper and a sweet sauce, which blended well with the flavour of the meat. A little bit of smokiness would have made it better though. 

For Rs. 850, Grill Hut offers two sizable slices of Grilled Seer, French Fries, toasted bread, and a side salad. The fish was fresh, well-spiced up, and the grill was on point. Add a splash of lime for an extra flavour kick. 

We actually ordered a Grilled Pork Submarine, but unfortunately, ended up with a Chicken Submarine (Rs. 450) due to a muddle up in the kitchen.

It's a hefty sub. We spotted a whole heap of elements here, including a generous amount of shredded chicken, lettuce, tomato, cheese, cucumber, and sauce etc. The flavour profile mingled between sweet and sour notes, and there was a lot of meatiness to boot.

As for the bread, it was soft, and managed to hold its state well without falling apart. 

While the Passion fruit Mojito (Rs. 350) was a tad sour for our liking, we quite enjoyed its refreshing quality. 

Ambience & Service

Located down Madiwela Road, it's a small spot, with wooden furniture laid out in front of the kitchen. They've placed them in a manner that can fit about 8 people at a time. 

The staff was helpful and accommodating. It was almost full when we visited, but the hostess quickly arranged a table and chairs for us. 


If you're craving for some good grilled meats/seafood without having to drill a hole in your wallet, this is a safe bet. 

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