GroceryPal.lk has been around for a bit now, delivering groceries to your doorstep. They're a subsidiary of Laugfs Holdings which explains why they've decided to construct an e-supermarket to ensure your shopping experience doesn't require too much manual labour.

Grocerypal.lk functions as a home-delivery grocery service, basically an on-the-go supermarket where you get to conveniently pick and choose from an online catalogue of groceries and place your order. The future is here ladies and gents, sit back and get clicking.

The Process

You need to register if you want to order as they don't provide a guest checkout service. It's a fairly monotonous registration process and you'll need to fill in a bunch of spaces with rather irrelevant information. It's a time-consuming task.

Once you've placed your order, you are required to choose a payment option, and then you'll receive an order summary. You can either choose between home or office delivery, with the latter having a few little perks like a discount on delivery charges and whatnot. 

Once you've fully confirmed, you'll receive a little receipt. Keep in mind that they don't bring a receipt slip with them when they deliver, so if necessary you might need to take screenshots of the receipt you get online if you need it.

I must admit that the confirmation process is a long one, as they take precautionary measures with their delivery systems. You'll receive a call from their end so they'll let you know if the goods are ready for dispatch or not, so keep your phone handy.


You get to select between two options when it comes to delivery: Standard Delivery, or Urgent Delivery. I honestly don't know what the difference is between the two because they take at least 2 hours to deliver your groceries if you choose the Urgent Delivery option, so keep in mind that you need to order well in advance if you've planned something for the rest of the day.

The groceries are in good shape and I suspect that they simply pick them up from the supermarkets on their way here. They're delivered in standard plastic grocery bags to keep the simplistic element going. We don't have a picture because they're really boring items like sugar and flour and whatnot, but take my word for it when I say the items were in good shape.


Ditch the walks and the hassle of controlling broken trolleys and just lay back and get clicking. I can't guarantee this is good for your physical health but hey you can always order a bunch of healthy items off their website if need be. Happy shopping!


Order about 3 hours in advance because they take a long time to deliver.




Just type www.grocerypal.lk into your searchbar and press 'Enter'.


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