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Halo Diner (Bunky Monkey Hostels)

31, Sea Ave, Colombo 03

Halo Diner is a cute little resto adjoining Colombo's latest budget hostel - Bunky Monkey. They do a promising job on delivering some great Sri Lankan and Western fare.

Halo Diner is a cute little resto adjoining Colombo's latest budget hostel - Bunky Monkey. Ever since the launching, we've been hearing nothing but good things about them. A loyal patron of this place couldn't stop talking about their Nutella stuffed kimbula bunnis, which was all the more reason for us to drop in to grab a bite. 


Halo Diner's food menu is comprised of both Western and Lankan fare. Majority of their stuff costs less than Rs. 650, and the portions are quite big. 

Here's your excuse to eat French fries as a main and not as a side. The Lock Stock Barrel Fries (Rs. 850) is a massive portion of French Fries, drizzled with  Halo Diner's secret sauce and gooey cheese, and a handful of slow-cooked minced chicken sprinkled all over it. Easily enough to share between two people, these fries were sharp, crispy with just the right amount of salt while the tangy flavors of the sauce was the perfect complement. 

We tried their Garlic Roast Paan (Rs. 200) with Pepper Pork (Rs. 450) which was simply excellent. The roast paan was fresh off the grill, which explains the warm, crispy exterior that gives a nice crunch, while the inside was fluffy and soft. Oozed out with a nice garlicky aroma, it had a good amount of garlic (duh!), while the bits of charcoal made for that extra flavor. So. Darn. Good! 

Piping hot, and cooked to perfection with a few fatty bits that melt in your mouth, the pepper pork made a good combo with the roast paan.  

And now, the moment that we all have been waiting for - The Italian Kimbula (Rs. 300). We, Sri Lankans LOVE our bunnis. Our island is home to a range of beautiful bunnis, and Kimbula Bunnis is a favorite of many. A fluffy and airy inside, chewy crust, slightly crunchy on the edges and a splatter of sugar on top - it's highly doubtful that anyone would hate this delicacy. 

Take a moment and imagine the best kimbula bunnis you've ever had. And picture it with a heap of Nutella stuffing that spills out from the sides of its bready enclosure. Yep! that's how good it's gonna get! Halo Diner's Italian Kimbula is a freshly made pocket of warmth, generously filled with Nutella, and comes with more Nutella drizzled all over it. You can also get the peanut butter addon on it (we did), which boosts the whole nutty flavor of this kimbula


The drinks menu at Halo Diner has a couple of hot beverages and a range of iced drinks. It was a very sunny Saturday morning, so we went with the cold side of things. 

*Pictured above - Iced Coffee (left) and Calorie Monster (right)

Served in a mason jar, the Iced Coffee (Rs. 350) is without a doubt, the best iced coffee in town. It was light, not watered down, and hella refreshing with strong caffeine notes seeping through. A good thirst quencher to beat the blistering Lankan heat. 

The Calorie Monster (Rs. 600) is a brilliant concoction of peanut butter, full-fat milk, a protein scoop, Samaposha, and ice cream. Deliciously creamy, it wasn't too sweet but had a nice nutty flavor emerging through, while the Samaposha works its magic. This one makes for a great protein shake you can indulge in after a workout. 

Ambience & Service

Halo Diner has a delightful and peaceful ambience that comes with a bunch of wooden chairs and tables, while the beautiful wall arts give out a very earthy vibe. Aside from these wall art, everything about its interior is pretty simple and petite, which is part of their charm. 

They also have a rooftop dining area which makes for the perfect chilling spot in the evening to catch a glimpse of  Marine Drive, beautiful sunsets and quite a bit of sea breeze.

Incredibly friendly, with lots of genuine smiles, the staff here is well versed and helpful. We got our food and drinks delivered on to our table within around 15 minutes. 

Also, if you can't bear the thought of leaving your furry friends at home, bring them here. This place is quite pet-friendly. You can get more details on that from Fidel Cat-stro in the reception. He wears a red collar. 


Halo Diner is a gem of a restaurant that does a promising job on delivering some great snacks to brighten up your day. It certainly did for us. We can't wait to go back!

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Share your Stock Barrel Fries! It's huge.


31, Sea Ave, Colombo 03



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