Harpo's Pizza

30, De Seram Road, Mount Lavinia

The newest addition to Harpo' s Pizza is now opened at the suburbs of Mount Lavinia.

Harpo's Pizza is one of Colombo's oldest pizza and Italian restaurants, and still one of the best. They've since expanded to Nugegoda, and Mount Lavinia. We checked out their new outlet and, spoiler alert, it's also good.

The Food

As you probably already know, their pizza range is probably the largest in Sri Lanka with so many different options to choose from. They had introduced a bunch of new pizzas so I wanted to try them out. As luck would have it, they had an offer today; buy one large and get a regular free. 

As our large pizza, we got half a Buffalo Caprese (Rs. 1750; half Rs. 875) and half a Pizza Fra Diavolo (Rs. 2050; half Rs. 1025). The vegetarian half was delicious with giant buffalo cheese cubes on top of large tomatoes, to which I didn't care for but that's Caprese. The cheese was creamy and gooey which went well with the tomato base.

Now let's talk about the Fra Diavolo. My goodness! If you didn't know, we had a very disappointing experience at Arthur's last week where their prawn pizza had about 4-5 prawns for 4 slices. Fortunately, this one restored my faith in seafood pizzas. The amount of delicious and spicy prawns that was in it was crazy. We were chewing prawns in every bite. They were cooked perfectly with garlic and onions, later marinated in a red wine sauce. It was succulent and flavorful. We highly recommend this! 

For the regular, we got the Pizza Pollo (Rs. 1200) which, according to the waiter, was one of their most popular. It had spicy chicken, roasted capsicum, and sauteed onions with a light tomato base. It's a localized pizza as the familiar spices were hard to ignore. It was alright but tasted a little bland, to be honest. I would have preferred it to be spicier.

The crust was slightly crunchy with all the pizzas and there were enough sauce and cheese that made sure the toppings weren't falling off.

There was also a pasta offer today; free lava cake with any pasta. My day! Their pasta is homemade, and they have dry pasta available for purchase as well with interesting flavors like Spinach Tagliatelle, Beetroot Tagliatelle etc. as well as Pesto and Arrabiata sauces.

We tried the Tagliatelle Pollo al Pesto (Rs. 980) which Vishvi had tried in her review about a year ago. The pesto was superb. It was light and creamy which and so much flavor to the already well-cooked pasta. Sadly, there was barely any salt in it but of course, the salt shaker was right there. After we added salt, it tasted so much better. There were yummy chicken bits as well. 

The Lava Cake deserves full points for this gorgeous presentation. The cake itself was excellent. It was served right out of the oven and still sizzling when it arrived at our table. The burnt corners surprisingly added a cool bitter taste. The lava was the perfect texture with thick and creamy melted chocolate. The cake was moist and tasty. The whole thing was very chocolatey. 

The Drinks

The Homemade Ginger Beer (Rs. 350) has always been a favorite of mine. It was sweet with a strong ginger flavor. It was very refreshing with no carbon dioxide infused fizziness like the ones we normally drink.

The Peach Iced Tea (Rs. 340) was delicious. The peach flavor and the sweet lemonade made it a cool drink to enjoy on an incredibly hot day. 

Service and Ambience

Like in other Harpo's outlets, the staff was very friendly, attentive and accommodating. They told us about the offers even without us asking. Our food arrived within 15-20 minutes and it was cleared out as soon as we were done. 

The place is much bigger than their Nugegoda outlets and it's also very pretty. The color combination is bright and upbeat. Aside from the tables and wooden chairs, they also have booths which are ideal if you're in with a big crowd. The artistic wallpapers and creative use of dry ingredients as decor really please one's eye.


Harpo's is clearly on the top 5 when it comes to serving authentic thin crust pizza and the local twists they have added certainly works well with the crowd.


Try Torino!


30, De Seram Road, Mount Lavinia


As you pass Mount Lavinia junction, it is just there on the land side.


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Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

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Pasta Pizza

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