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Hash Deli

Good Market (Diyatha Uyana), Polduwa Road, Ethul Kotte, Battaramulla

Hash Deli is an awesome homebaker of cakes that has shot to popularity through Good Market. They make a killer cheesecake.

Hash Deli is a great homebaker who has gained popularity from their stall at the Good Market, (Thursdays in Battaramulla). Hash Deli is basically what The Cakery stall used to be at the same location - featuring absolutely delicious desserts, especially the chocolate based ones.

Hashini and Tharanga are the sisters who run Hash Deli and are responsible for the mouth watering recipes. You'll find them at their red-banner stall from 1 to 9PM. We tried just a handful of the stuff they make and they were all good.

The chocolate mud cake costs Rs. 350 and it's a big, gooey self-explanatory chunk, topped with a piece of strawberry. Great comfort food right here.

They've also got other stuff like apple pies, caramel puddings and brownies - ordinary chocolate ones, and vegan brownies. A vegan brownie costs Rs. 180, and it's crumbly and thick in consistency, knocking out the myth about bad vegan food (Smokey's is another one of our favourite vegan brownie bakers).

The highlight of our review is however, the blueberry cheesecake. We're always whining about how hard it is to procure good cheesecake in Colombo, so we're glad we've found somebody who does a nice if not absolutely traditional cheesecake. For Rs. 380 you get a sizeable chunk of it, killer cream cheese with a custardy cheesy texture, under a jelly coat of flavoursome blueberry. It really pops in your mouth and if you love cheesecake, this place is a good bet.


Hash Deli is very good at what they do. The prices are around Rs. 350-400 which is the typical rate of desserts at the GM, it might feel expensive if you're buying a few slices, but considering the quality of the ingredients and the satisfaction you get out of it, we think it's value for money. If you're at the Good Market on a Thursday and you've got a sweet tooth, head towards this stall.


The cakes thin out in the evening so try to go early.


Good Market (Diyatha Uyana), Polduwa Road, Ethul Kotte, Battaramulla


Head down the Parliament Road (continuing along Horton Place is a good place to start) through Rajagiriya and into Battaramulla. Don't turn towards Parliament, keep going to your left and turn into Water's Edge. You'll see the Good Market, but only on Thursdays.



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Open 1.00PM to 9.00PM

Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

Dish Types

Brownies Cakes Pies



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