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Heladiv Tea Club (Kollupitiya)

339, Bagatalle Road, R.A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 03

Heladiv Tea Club has managed their way towards a new branch down Bagatalle Road, replacing Cafè Alfresco.

Heladiv Tea Club in Dutch Hospital is hailed for many things. From fifty shades of tea, unique tea cocktails, and delicious snacks and desserts, it's one chilled out corner in Colombo where you can treat yourself to a good meal for an affordable price. 
Now they've managed their way towards a new branch down Bagatalle Road, replacing Cafè Alfresco. It's just the cafe counterpart that they've brought here, so if you want some boozy tea concoctions, you still have to go to their Dutch Hospital branch.  

Food & Drinks

Aside from the tea, Heladiv Tea Club serves up a range of tea mocktails, iced tea and also coffee, while their food menu is comprised of sandwiches, pasta, wraps, and all-day breakfast items. 

The HTC Smoked Salmon (Rs. 890) is a breakfast sandwich. Tucked in between well-toasted slices of brown bread, you'll see a delicious filling made with beautiful pink salmon, crunchy lettuce and tomato, alongside a slathering of butter, which helps to keep the whole thing so moist.

The lettuce adds a fresh feel to the palate, while tomato lends a good tang. A simple, delicious and healthy sandwich to start off your morning. As you probably can see in this picture, HTC's Grilled Chicken Wrap (Rs. 760) is a mouthful. A giant roti, stuffed to the gills with grilled chicken, potato wedges, cheese, cucumber, onions, lettuce, and tomato, it was served with the sides of French fries, and some spicy lunu miris kinda thing.

The grilled chicken was delightfully smokey, with masala-like marination, which quite worked out well with the other flavours at play. And trust me, two can easily share this if you're not super hungry. Heladive Tea Club is quite fancy with their presentation of tea, and why shouldn't they? We see cafes are mushrooming all over Colombo, but tea is still our go-to drink, and Heladiv does a range of good ones at that. 

We ordered the Nuwara Eliya Tea (Rs. 450). In terms of pricing, it's a little steep for a cup of tea, but nonetheless, it had a good flavour. Served in a tea press pot, it also comes with a tea timer. 

A perfectly brewed cup of tea is a good pick-me-up. As Lankans who'd sip on this noon and night, despite the weather conditions, we know a little too much about that. The tea timer comes in handy when you want to avoid the mild and watery tea, and also bitter and nasty ones. 

Heladiv Tea Club does a range of tea mocktails - of which we opted for the Original Sin (Rs. 500). Made with Heladiv's apple flavoured tea, infused with soda and lime, this one was a bit on the sweeter side, but very refreshing. 

Ambience & Service

The ambience here isn't huge like their Dutch Hospital branch. They've got a couple of seats inside, but the main dining area is in the garden.

Amidst the ample greenery, you'll see a bunch of white coloured chairs and tables, shaded with big, blue umbrellas. Probably not the best setup when it's drizzling outside, but not too bad during sunny days as the umbrellas and the trees help to sort it out. 

The staff member who waited on us was quite helpful and efficient. 


We've always enjoyed our visits to Heladive Tea Club, and this one wasn't any different. It's a wonderful choice to stop by for a restful meal in an alfresco setting. 

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339, Bagatalle Road, R.A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 03


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Price Range

Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

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Cakes Sandwiches Wraps Coffee Tea Iced Tea

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