Heladiv Tea Club (Dutch Hospital)

Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct, Bank of Ceylon Mawatha, Colombo 1

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  • Open 9AM to 12AM (Mon to Thurs), 9AM to 1AM (Fri), 10AM to 1AM (Sat and Sun)

The Heladiv Tea Club does a relatively affordable range of tasty waffles, sandwiches and teas at the Dutch Hospital. You can also get a decent bottle of wine here for just Rs. 2000.

Heladiv Tea Club is a quiet, cool restaurant at the Dutch Hospital for sandwiches, waffles, a wide range of teas and even wine. You can check out our last review to read about their cocktails and wines, but this visit we tried out their mains. 

Ambience & Pricing 

Heladiv is like a tea lounge (much like Dilmah) with a little bit of a club vibe, with their dark leather seating, low lighting, electric green lights at the bar, especially in the evenings when it's more crowded. It's comfy and quiet in the daytime and is more suited to lounging around with a tea or milkshake more than dining in. 

It's located at the Dutch Hospital so it's a very pleasant location, right across from Ministry of Crab. Thankfully it's not that pricey - we spent only Rs. 2000 for two. Sandwiches and waffles are in the Rs. 350-500 range, and you get drinks for around Rs. 250. 

The Food & Drinks

They have a few sweet waffles on the menu so we got one of our favourite combos - waffles with strawberries and cream. This was actually delicious, the waffles were of a nice thick, soft consistency, buttered with honey, and the strawberry slices were plenty and fresh - not the crisp, perfect waffles you'd expect at say, Waffle Corp, but still a good, sweet dish to try out. The Heladiv cakes are known for their high quality (though we didn't try them out on this visit) so that's worth a shot too. 

We also got their smoked beef sandwich, which was simple but well put together with an assortment of fresh crunchy veggies and firm beef slices. The sandwich was a little tough to bite into owing to the beef, that would be the only criticism, regardless we kept going back for more of the flavours in this one. 

They make a lovely refreshing strawberry milkshake, although it's very, very sweet. I like ice cream in my milkshake so I enjoyed this frothy milky combo, although there was more of this flavour than actual blended strawberries so if you're someone who minds that you might find it tastes a little fake. These guys make an excellent Chai - a pot enough for two cups costs Rs. 250 - with that perfect blend of Indian spices and a little touch of mint, gives off a great aroma, and if you've had chai in India and liked it, this is a strong cup of nostalgia.


Heladiv Tea Club is a nice, chilled out space to have some tasty food and drinks without spending too much. The food here is generally among the tastier ranges of Colombo's tea lounges. Some of the corners here by the windows are ideal for cosying up and reading a book. If you're at the Dutch Hospital and feel like an iced tea or quick snack, they're worth considering. 


Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct, Bank of Ceylon Mawatha, Colombo 1


To get to the Dutch Hospital just head straight to the Kingsbury roundabout and turn right when you see the Kingsbury building. It's opposite World Trade Center. When you walk inside, Heladiv will be in front of you towards the right.



Open 9AM to 12AM (Mon to Thurs), 9AM to 1AM (Fri), 10AM to 1AM (Sat and Sun)

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Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

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Cakes Sandwiches Waffles Tea Wine

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