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Himsara Foods

7 Chitra Lane, Colombo 5

  • Open until 09:00 PM

A great place to grab some good rice and curry, along with a killer pork curry.

Himsara is an average buth kade which only stands out for serving pork curry.

Himsara is a buth kade on Chitra Lane, off Kirula Road. We heard good things about their pork curry, and it's OK, but the buth packets are overall not especially worthwhile.

Pork curry itself is somewhat rare in buth kades, but the Himsara offering isn't worth a detour. There's far better pork at the nearby Mythi's (on Fife Road). We tried the chicken also and, while it did have pollos, this was nothing to write home about. At Rs. 150 for pork and Rs. 140 for chicken Himsara isn't expensive, but it's nothing special.


The pork curry is the best thing!


7 Chitra Lane, Colombo 5


From Thimbirigasaya go either past Fife Road (heading east/out) or past Torrington (heading west). Kirula Road is the next big road. Himsara is near the corner.

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Open until 09:00 PM


Sri Lankan

Price Range

Less than 200

Dish Types

Rice And Curry Pork

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