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Hire1 is a courier on-demand service (mostly bikes, but also vans and lorries). We use them at YAMU and, as long as you don't need it now-now, they're excellent.

Hire1 is a web-based service that lets you summon bike, van and lorry couriers on demand. YAMU uses them to drop off invoices and pick up cheques and the system works flawlessly for us.

There is, however, one thing you must be aware of. Once you make an order the delivery/pick-up happens sometime in the next few hours, it's not instant. If what you're doing isn't super time-sensitive, then Hire1 is great value . 

The Website

It's also important to note that Hire1 is primarily designed for businesses, not consumers per se. Hence they got rid of their smartphone app and have just a website now. For power users that's actually better and I can't say that I miss the app at all. I will also note that there's nothing to prevent you from using Hire1 for home stuff, like returning plastic containers to your mother-in-law (VERY IMPORTANT). 

Once you get a username and stuff you're in, and you can click the blue order button. And this is what you get:

There are four basic types of delivery. Examples of each are 

  1. Picking up a cheque and bringing it back to office (One Way)
  2. Picking up a document, getting it signed somewhere else, bringing it back (Round Trip)
  3. Sending invoices to 5 different places (Multi-Drop)
  4. Sending order to 5 places and bringing money back (Multi-Drop Round Trip)

For home use some examples might be them picking up your lunch from home, or dropping off mangos for all of your relatives.

Note that Hire1 does cash-on-delivery, which basically makes delivery available to any e-commerce vendor or Facebook page.

But anyways, that's not all. Next step is the type of vehicle you want:

For smaller things a bike is fine (that's all we've ever used), but you can also get bikes with a box, or vans, or even a Dimo Batta on demand. This latter function is amazing, as getting a Dimo Batta can be quite annoying when you want to move furniture or something.

But we're not done yet.

The last step is entering the pickup and drop-off locations (or locations). This is pretty simple and the map works. You also enter phone numbers on both sides.

Then your job goes in a queue and you wait.

The Delivery

In our experience over the past few months, the deliveries happen within an hour or two. Once they're in progress you can track where the driver is on a map and you get an SMS when they're about to arrive. There's also a digital record of whoever signs for the delivery. The riders we've dealt with are all quite nice and they climb the four flights of stairs to our office without complaint, which is unusual, even for people that work here.

We've done over 100 deliveries with them and never had a problem. My only complaint would be some pick-ups need to be done in a specific time window (like between 2 and 5 PM) and there's no way to schedule that. You have to just enter the order and hope that it happens within that time. Also the range is basically Colombo city limits, so we've had some trouble getting a few things from Pannipitiya, but you can't do everything. I think they have some islandwide delivery options but we haven't tested that.


To be completely honest, we don't check the price for individual rides anymore. They give us an invoice at the end of the month and it's never that high for the amount of pain and time it saves us. Last month (February) our total was Rs. 5,968 for 20 rides, or an average of Rs. 300 per delivery. 

Here are the rates as of March 14th, please check with them for official rates. Basically, it's about 250 for the first 6km and Rs. 35/km after that (for documents and small packages). There's an additional charge as you add locations.



Small Packages

Small Packages

Large Packages


(Bike with Back Pack)


(Buddy Van)

(Small Truck / Batta)

Standard Rates

Rs. 250/- For first 6Km

+ Rs. 35/- each add’l Km,


Rs. 100/- add’l location


Rs. 250/- For first 6 Km

+ Rs. 35/- each add’l Km,


Rs. 125/- add’l location

Rs. 800/- For first 6KM

+ Rs.70/- each add’l Km,


Rs. 250/- add’l location

Rs. 1,750/- For first 6Km

+ Rs.75/- each add’l Km,


Rs. 350/- add’l location

500 Deliveries  per month

Flat / Volume Rates

Rs. 250 Col 1-15,

Rs. 300 Greater Col


Flat / Volume Rates

Rs. 250 Col 1-15,

Rs. 300 Greater Col

Flat / Volume Rates

Rs. 750 Col 1-15,

Rs. 1,000 Greater Col

Flat / Volume Rates

Rs. 1,750 Col 1-15,

Rs. 2,250 Greater Col

1000 Deliveries per month

Flat / Volume Rates

Rs. 240 Col 1-15,

Rs. 290 Greater Col

Flat / Volume Rates

Rs. 240 Col 1-15,

Rs. 290 Greater Col

Flat / Volume Rates

Rs. 700 Col 1-15

Rs. 950 Greater-Col

Flat / Volume Rates

Rs. 1,700 Col 1-15,

Rs. 2,200 Greater Col


Hire1 has been a life-saver for YAMU. We don't have (or want) an office runner who sits around for 90% of the day but we also can't allocate our staff to be on the road for hours. They could be doing other stuff, and they generally come back angry.

Hire1 makes it possible for us to interact with the real, annoying world through a web browser, which is just how we like it. Our team just clicks 'order' and physical objects magically move around.

What Hire1 has built is actually quite sophisticated, from the digital signatures to rider tracking to record keeping. What it boils down to, however, is does stuff get delivered reliably? We've been using Hire1 for months and we can say that, in our experience, they deliver. Hire1 is a valuable outsourced part of YAMU's business and we'd highly recommend it to any small business, shop, or even anyone that keeps forgetting to return plastic containers.


Use their web interface, it's the most powerful and easy to use.

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199/29, Obesekara CrescentRajagiriya


Don't go there, just use their website or app.


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