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Homie Pickle

Homie Pickle is a home-based venture that's specialised in Lankan style pickles and chutneys.

Pickles - you either love it or hate it, there's no middle ground. Whether it be sweet, savoury, salty, or tangy, pickles are wonderful condiments, and they're either absolutely loved, or vigorously loathed. Which is why the phrase “hold the pickles" makes sense, and safe to say that the impressions towards chutneys are more or less the same. 
We peeps at YAMU belong to the former. We love our pickles and chutneys. We love eating them, we love thinking about what we can do with them without just placing them on a corner of a buth plate. So imagine how glad it was for us to find out about Homie Pickle- a home-based venture specialised in pickles and chutneys. 

How To Order?

Getting your hands on one of these bottles is super easy. They're widely available - at Milk & Honey Cafe, online store, and store in Saturday Good Market, and that's just in Colombo. These goodies can also be found in Galle - at Warm Boutique.

The Pickles

We got ours from the Bohemian Quest, down Wijerama. There were three varieties - Polos (Rs. 650), Amberella and Veralu (Ceylon Olives) Chutney (Rs. 710) and Capsicum & Dates Chutney (Rs. 750). 

Curry or pickles, polos is a delicacy loved by every Lankan. And the Polos Pickle by Homie Pickle is one of the biggest sellers. Sizeable chunks of polos simmered to perfection without being mushy or undercooked, it was smothered with pepper, garlic, ginger, red onions, green chillies, mustard, salt and a number of other spices. With a little hint of acidity drawn from vinegar, it makes for one sour, tangy treat to improve your daily plate of buth.

However, a couple of us agreed that it needs a bit more peppery hit in this, more green chillies and probably another shot of vinegar too - but hey, that's just us! 

Amberella and veralu are two of the best picks when it comes to achcharu, and Homie Pickle has managed to unite them together in the same bottle. 

Chewy pieces of amberella and veralu soaked in a chockfull of brown sugar, salt, garlic, ginger and tamarind, it was sweet and sour as promised. Pair it with some Cream Crakers, or just dunk a spoon in the bottle and eat it as it is - no one's judging you. 

Later, we found out that they are planning to make it as a spread without lumps in their future batches, which should be even more convenient. 

The Dates and Capsicum one is for those of you who prefer a bit of heat in your chutneys. Featuring bits of the said elements, it's made as a spread which you can slather on your crackers and bread. 

The sweetness drawn from the dates would lay hold of your tastebuds first, and then followed by capsicum to leave your palate with a wave of spiciness. It's a unification of sweet and spicy, and a very good one at that. 

I guess with some cheese/butter and bread, this one would make a great panini. 


If you're tired of heavily commercialised chutneys/pickles that we normally get in supermarkets as I do, this is a good alternative. Each of these bottles contains 300 grams of chutney/pickle which are not infused with any preservatives or flavour enhancers. We wish if they had more varieties, and according to their Instagram feed, they're working on a few more. They could be a bit pricy than the store-bought ones, but we can't really put a price of pure homemade goodness now, can we?

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