Il Caffè (Colombo City Centre)

137, Sir James Pieris Mawatha, Colombo 02

A chic Italian coffee shop serving Illy coffee.

Il Caffè used to be located down Duplication Road, and now they have moved to the ground floor of Colombo City Centre. Somehow amidst all the foot traffic at the CCC, they have managed to retain a cafe vibe. 


Their menu is not extensive but they do have a variety of foods like biscotti, tiramisu, paninis and pizzas.

As per the recommendation of the staff, we set our mind on a slice of Spicy Chicken pizza (Rs. 650).

The premade pizza came us hot after being microwaved and it had a rather decent crunch in its crust. The dough was not too thick and the generous layer of cheese managed to add a good creaminess to it.

There were bits of chicken on the topping, as well as capsicum, tomato and a few others that were mushed together as a paste but somehow was flavourful enough even though it wasn't spicy. 

We wanted the God Father Sandwich, which supposed to have Parma Ham, but received this - the Pollo Sandwich (Rs. 650). It was made with a baguette that was a bit sweet in flavour, with a soft inside with a delightful crunch on the outside. The grilled chicken breast was marinated to be on the mild side, was a tad creamy without being dry and cooked well.

Adding a fresh crunch, there were tomato and lettuce, but we didn’t find much of parmesan cheese in filling as the promised. However, there was a good slathering of mayo in the sandwich which didn’t intrude the flavours but added to the creaminess of it. 

We got a Nutella & Butter Croissant (Rs. 400) that came filled with whipped cream and not much of Nutella but a drizzle of chocolate sauce. The pastry itself was really good, bit flaky, crispy on the outside with the slight firm exterior and a soft, buttery inside. The whole thing was fluffy and tasty but they could have done better on the presentation. Still, if you are a fan of dollops of whipped cream, this is a good one.


They have coffee, soft drinks as well as milkshakes. Our drinks of choice was a Cappuccino (Rs. 490) made with Illy coffee, and a Pistachio Gelato Milkshake (Rs. 550). 

The cappuccino had a good balance of coffee to milk ratio with coffee notes taking a bold stance in the flavour without being acidic. The bitter notes complimented well with the adequately thick, creamy milk. Overall the flavour was smooth and there was a foamy layer sitting on top. 

They have a range of gelato from Il Gelato on display you can ask for any milkshake that your heart desire. We chose to grab a Pistachio Milkshake (Rs. 550).

The shake was milky, creamy while being decently thick throughout with hints of nuttiness in the flavour.  We could have used a bit more flavour of pistachio here since most of its flavour came as an aftertaste hidden underneath the sweetness and milk flavours. But still, it's a refreshing, and filling drink. And hey, how many places are there in Colombo that makes you pistachio milkshakes?

Ambience & Service

Being smack dab in the middle of the ground floor of the CCC, the place doesn't have much in the way of closed cafe vibe. But even though it's quite open, you do have neatly spaced out seating area that can hold around 20 people or more. Even though there’s plenty of people walking about we never really got disturbed during our meals. 

While the two people behind the counter were polite they seem a bit distracted too. Maybe they are still adjusting to the flow? We don't know. After the muddle up in the sandwich, which we made our peace with, but we had to wait around good 10 minutes standing near the counter to get the bill - as the lady behind the counter simply forgot that we asked for it. 

We think they can improve on their service a bit and make it a tad more efficient.


Il Coffee is a very good option if you want to grab something to eat or drink while you are in the middle of shopping or just don't want to go to the Food Studio of CCC. Their food is of good quality with a bit of focus, we think they can do even better.


137, Sir James Pieris Mawatha, Colombo 02


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