We've had quite a few new ice cream parlors pop up over the past few years (no complaints from us!), but Il Gelato still reigns supreme when it comes to high quality ice cream. There's just this small issue of having to empty your wallet for a few scoops..

Flavours & Variety

Il Gelato has been around for over a decade now (yeah that long) and has managed to consistently maintain their high quality. We'd say it's almost on par with Italian gelatos (certainly the closest thing available here). The problem for most of us though, is the fact that the price reciprocates the quality. In other words, the stuff here is expensive.


They've got a whole bunch of different flavours to choose from with some interesting ones like dark chocolate fondante, tiramisu and puffi. Now we'd all love to have a go at these, but the problem is Rs. 300 for a scoop is kinda' insane neh? The first thing the average person is gonna think is the fact that he can get a tub of local ice cream for less.

They've got a some specials like banana split and gelato maxi which are priced at Rs.650 - Rs.725, which generally come with 3 scoops of ice cream and toppings. That's still expensive but slightly better than the price of a single scoop.This time around we tried the chocolate, oreo, strawberry sherbert and biscotto flavours.


The oreo was the best of the bunch. It was rich, creamy and had chunks of oreos in it which you would get in every spoonful. The strawberry in contrast was fresh and refreshing, acting as a good palate cleanser after the richness of the oreo. One thing's for sure, these guys know how to do a great sorbet.


The biscotto was not as great as the oreo. The ice cream was still rich, but the flavour of biscuit batter was a bit too mild, but we're probably being nitpicky here. The chocolate ice cream here is probably the best you'll get anywhere in Sri Lanka. It's chocolatey in all the right ways.


Il Gelato still has the best ice cream in town, with some funky flavours to boot. They're still pretty damn expensive, but that's the price you have to be willing to pay for the best.


If you're planning on going for 2 scoops, go for the cup over the gelato kinder (glass bowl). They use a traditional scooper for the latter, so the scoops are smaller.

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