Il Gelato

No. 5, Alexandra Place (ODEL), Colombo 7

We've had quite a few new ice cream parlors pop up over the past few years (no complaints from us!), but Il Gelato still reigns supreme when it comes to high quality ice cream. There's just this small issue of having to empty your wallet for a few scoops..

Having sampled the frozen yoghurt at both Aviraté Café and Yo-Mo the final contendor in Colombo's triumvirate of froyos remained Il Gelato.

Il Gelato sells ice cream - about 16 different flavours - and has an outlet at ODEL as well as a branch on Duplication Road. We've had their ice cream before and always liked it, but never got round to trying the yoghurt.

They sell one flavour - plain - but it's really quite good. The yoghurt is nice and tart, and not too ice-creamy as can sometimes be the case with frozen yoghurt. It's not cheap though - one scoop cost a surprising Rs. 240. We also had a scoop of the fruits of the forest. This is a delicious delicious ice cream, nice and tangy and full of berries, but at Rs. 320 for a scoop it's just too expensive. Who can afford that? You can get a litre of Kotmale for like Rs. 200.

The froyo at Il Gelato is good, really good. We might even like it best out of the three despite the lack of other flavours, but it's still far too expensive for such a tiny treat. Stick with Yo-Mo. It's tasty and affordable.


If you're planning on going for 2 scoops, go for the cup over the gelato kinder (glass bowl). They use a traditional scooper for the latter, so the scoops are smaller.


No. 5, Alexandra Place (ODEL), Colombo 7


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