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Indian Chaat Corner

No. 03, 32nd Lane, Wellawatta

Indian Chaat Corner is a tiny barely-noticeable restaurant that specializes in Indian street food. The chaat is still pretty good, and they've got a nicer interior now.




Food were very cheap (in price) and orders served pretty quickly. Place is run by a couple, and both of them can speak English very well. Found the food we ordered were really tasty on the 1st day. Quiet place.

We went there 2 days within a week, as we found the food were tasty on the first day. But the 2nd day wasn't same as the first.
We found the food bit unclean on the 2nd day. Or it could be the odor in the room.
Both days we found the place fairly empty. On the first, only two of us were dining. Second day, ourselves and another few girls.
My daughter had to use the restroom, so they passed through the cooking area. And complained the 'backstage' was quite unclean and their faces looked unpleased.
Eventually, it was decided we'd not go there again.

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No. 03, 32nd Lane, Wellawatta


Drive a little way past the Wellawatta Market and 32nd Lane is onto your left. The Chaat corner is at a residence a few metres in onto your left.


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Open 10AM to 9PM daily


North Indian

Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

Dish Types

Tandoori Lassi

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