Infinity Cuisine

536/15, Wijesinghe Gardens, Kotte Road, Pita Kotte

Affordable and pretty tasty office lunches, with free delivery.

Infinity Cuisine delivers a tasty and affordable office lunch, Rs. 170 with free delivery. They have their own organic farm make for a pretty good bath packet. They're not re-inventing rice and curry here, but they are providing good value for money.

The Food

We're happy that there are a lot of choices for office lunch delivery these days. Achcharu Kade, Healthy Living, etc. 

What makes Infinity Cuisine different is mainly the price. It's Rs. 170 with free delivery (they don't say, but we assume within Colombo and suburbs). This makes makes a big difference for office lunch, which is something you need to eat every day.

We'd say that it's not as creative cooking as Achcharu Kade nor as healthy as Healthy Living, but at that price point it strikes a good balance. The cooking is basically classic Sri Lankan bath packet, but with obviously fresh ingredients and a good veg/meat to rice balance.

In terms of taste, our meal was really spicy (which we like) and good. You could smell the fresh pineapple through the packaging, the chicken was cooked well and there was a generous amount of kankun, brinjal moju, purippu and tempered potatoes.

Infinity Cuisine does not seem to be significantly changing what a bath packet is, but they are moderninzing how you experience it. 


The way it works is pretty simple. You call and order, ideally in the morning. You choose chicken, fish or egg and it gets delivered around lunchtime, for Rs. 170. They have an active Facebook page, a good website and more often than not you're dealing with the owner on the phone. It's an efficient service.


Infinity Cuisine offers a classic bath packet with modern delivery. We think it's pretty good value for money at Rs. 170 with free delivery.


Check FB for their daily menu and order early.


536/15, Wijesinghe Gardens, Kotte Road, Pita Kotte


It's delivery, so they come to you.


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