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146, Hospital Road, Kalubowila, Dehiwala

A little spot that serves not-so-little wood fired pizza.

Pinned in the midst of a wave of little shops is Italiano, a little pizzeria serving pizzas baked in a woodfired oven. It's run by a Sri Lankan man who's lived in Italy for 15 years, and has been open for barely 2 months. 

The Pizzas

Since it's a small joint, you can customize your order and the owner was accommodating enough to go half and half on my topping. They have got 13 varieties to choose from for their 12 inch pizzas (each at Rs. 1500), and I decided to go halfsies with Pollo Piccante (Sri Lankan style chicken and cheese) and Vitello Picante (spicy beef, onion, tomato, chillie and cheese). I also got their Budget Pizza because I am always on a budget. #BrokeGirlsOfSriLanka

My half-n-half was loaded with cheese and this is the only kind of cheesy relationship that I shall approve of.

The base had a tomato sauce which was wasn't too saucy like you would find at your nearest Pizza Hut, and both toppings had capsicum added for that spicy, Sri Lankan kick. In general, it was not as spicy as I had expected it to be.

This is probably because the owner was trying to stick to Italian flavours and used only capsicum for spice. Regardless, the pizza did taste good especially with that rustic flavor coming through. 

At Rs. 350, this is a solid deal. Packed with cheese, bits of sausages and chicken, this is the kind of pizza you should go for if you want a wood fired pizza but don't have the euros for it. Or 1500 bucks.

Since the workstation is right where the seating is, you can tell him about your preferences. If requested, you'd also get chillie flakes and olio di peperoncino (hot chilli oil).

Service and Ambience

Judging by two annoyed status updates by the owner on their Facebook page, I prepared myself to meet a  very angry man who'd ferociously toss my pizza in the woodfired oven. And me, if I made the wrong moves.


The owner is very sweet and service is quite personal. It's a one-man show as the owner is the chef, the cleaner, the cashier and the one who waits on you. He's incredibly friendly and makes an effort to make sure everything is okay.

If you go with a couple of cute kids like I did, you might get lucky enough to get a free pizza for dessert! He's also very patient with kids, and is probably awaiting my next visit to bake a pizza with my cousin as promised before leaving.

It's a cosy little spot with two tables for 8 people, and more if you want to share the seat. There are two racks ornamented with books, bottles and souvenirs from Italy.The walls are well decorated with artsy plates and paintings. It feels like the owner has tried to make the ambience as friendly and warm as possible.


It's a nice little spot for pizza in your pyjamas. If you're looking for some warm treatment to go with your warm pizzas, Italiano is the spot.


Tell them about your requirements. If you want it spicy, mention it. If you don't want it spicy, mention it.


146, Hospital Road, Kalubowila, Dehiwala


It's on the right hand side if you're coming from Galle Road. It's also near the Budhdhagosha School.



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Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

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