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JADE by Laugfs

238 Kotte Road, Mirihana, Nugegoda

Jade Restaurant has been around for a few years now. Serving up a range of delicious Sri Lankanized Chinese fare, their menu is all improved and affordable.

Colombo has no shortage of Chinese restaurants, and JADE is one of the oldest members in the scene. Managed by Laugfs, it's now rebranded with a whole new look on their menu. 


What they serve here is not the most authentic version of Chinese food, but if you like Chinese food with a Lankan twist, this one would work fine for ya. 

Simple, but flavorsome, the Mixed Chow Fried Rice (Rs. 820 for L) was quite good. The large portion is easily enough for three people, and this one comes with a ton of chicken, prawns, pork, egg and cuttlefish pieces to go with every bite. It also had a good amount of carrot and spring onion bits, while the rice itself was not oily, but well cooked and seasoned adequately with hints of pepper and salt. Boasting a nice fiery orange color, the Malay Nasi Goreng (Rs. 820 for L) was accompanied with two bullseye eggs. This one had a teeny tiny spicy twist swirling through, and a sprinkle of spring onions, onions, pineapple, and carrot bits which make for a dish that you can eat on its own. 

We were quite excited to try their Hot Butter Cuttlefish (Rs. 875 for S) because just look at it! Who wouldn't wanna indulge in this classic Sri Lankan bite? Sadly, our experience left a little to be desired. 

Tossed in capsicum, this one was spicy, with a slight crunch to it, but albeit rubbery. It's definitely refried, and not freshly made. 

Soaked in a deliciously tangy red chili sauce, the Red Chili Pork (Rs. 730) was a top notch. It had around ten pieces of pork, that had been pan-fried and cooked, which explains the crispy exterior, while the middle was tender and delicious. We found a couple of melt-in-the-mouth fatty bits, while the rest was all meat. The Sweet & Sour Chicken (Rs. 740 for S) was quite alright. It had a good amount of sizeable chicken pieces doused in a thick sauce that tasted every bit as sweet and sour as promised, but sadly, it kinda overpowered the whole meaty flavor of the dish. The batter coating around the chicken was also sogged-out from the sauce. 

At Rs. 100, Jade offers this massive piece of Cream Caramel, which is the perfect way to end your meal. Hella creamy as advertised, it wasn't too sweet and had the perfect shade of caramel brown color on top. It came in a generous serving of caramel sauce, which was light in texture and flavorsome.


Jade serves up a range of juices, and we tried two of them - Lime Juice (Rs. 260) and Orange Juice (Rs. 400).

*Pictured above - Lime Juice (left), and Orange Juice (right)

Our favorite out of the two was lime juice. It had all the flavors well-balanced, and not watered down, and a very little sugar. The first half of the orange juice was quite pulpy, but we didn't mind. However, what followed after that was too sweet for our liking, as they've used an abundance of sugar in it. 

Service & Ambience

We went here during the lunchtime on a weekday, and for our surprise, the place looked kinda deserted. Aside from us, there were only three or four people in the restaurant. However, the staff was friendly and inviting, and we got our food and drinks delivered on to over table within around 20 minutes. 

The interior here resembles a regular family restaurant in Colombo, with a bunch of tall, comfortable chairs and massive tables. Depending on the crowd you come with, they'll accommodate you with the appropriate seating. 


All in all, we liked our experience at Jade. Their prices may seem a little steep for Sri Lankanized Chinese, but you get your money's worth.


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