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Jaadi Samaga Game Kaema

29, Old Kesbewa road, Nugegoda

A great place to eat delicious, authentic Sri Lankan rice & curry.

Jaadi Samanga Game Kaema is a popular eatery down Kesbewa road, that does some great rice and curry for an affordable price. They’ve got a wide array of curries, different types of rice, along with unlimited papadam and dried chilies.

As the name implies, they also serve up jaadi (salted fish curry), which is a beloved delicacy of the Sri Lankan southerners, which we unfortunately could not try during our visit.  

Rice & Curry

The rice and curry spread is offered in buffet-style, so you get to pick the type of rice, protein and four other curries of your choice. They serve them on nelum kola (lotus leave) neatly placed on a pun watti.

The Chicken Rice and Curry (Rs. 250) was accompanied with a hefty piece of chicken, dhal curry, polos curry, mango curry and tempered kesel muwa (banana blossoms). The lunch was spicy, with lots of curry taste, this place definitely knows their way with Sri Lankan curries. The mango curry was especially good, with the right balance of tangy and sweet flavors coming through.

The chicken though well-seasoned, was rubbery than the usual 'fall-off-the-bone' tender. We weren’t impressed with the polos curry either. It was a little tough, and felt a tad undercooked.

Jaadi Samanga Game Kaema makes a killer pork curry, which was the highlight of this plateful of Pork Rice and Curry (Rs. 280). It was on point in terms of flavor, with the significant sourness that emerged through the tamarind and goraka, hitting our taste buds all in the right places. A bit of heat that comes from the chilis, and a hint of garlic binded it perfectly to the tender curry pork. We highly recommend this.

The ambarella curry deserves a special shout out too. It came in a really nice gravy that had both sweet and sour elements balanced well, which made a great combination with the properly cooked sudu samba rice.

We’ve heard nothing but good things about their jaadi, it's supposedly so good, it actually vanishes before the clock strikes 12.

Service and Ambience

The thatched canopy that covers the buffet section, and the katu mati walls (walls made with wattle and daub) gives you the vibe of an authentic Sinhalese buth kadey. They’ve got some neat wooden tables and chairs here, which is nothing fancy, but it is a part of their charm. With the classical Sinhala music playing in the background, it only adds to the ambience.

In terms of service, the lady behind the counter isn’t all smiles, but she’s very quick on her feet.


If you’re around Nugegoda, and looking for some authentic rice and curry, head on over to Jaadi Samanga Game Kaema. Their food is excellent, and you’ll get your money’s worth.


Try Pork & Jadi with Rice & Curry.

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